Wrought iron fences are some of the most desirable fences for use in many residential settings - and there are many reasons why! Although they do require professional installation by a local iron fence company, along with the proper maintenance, wrought iron is a great choice for homeowners looking for both form and function. A wrought iron fence that is well maintained by regular iron fence services, like periodic cleaning and painting, will last a lifetime and look great the entire time!

High Durability with Low Maintenance

Iron is one of the strongest metals available, making it a great choice for certain types of fences. When made into an alloy, such as the material used in iron fences, this iron is easier to work with and is also more resistant to rust. This means longer lasting beauty for less maintenance, while still maintaining nearly all the strength. Wrought iron, commonly called the “100 year fence,” is also much more durable than any other type of fencing and is resistant to dents and other damage. Maintenance, such as the services offered by iron fence companies, basically consists of wire brushing to remove any dirt and surface rust, then applying a new coat of spray paint every three to five years.

Workable, Beautiful, and Strong

One of the most unique qualities of wrought iron is its ease of use. It can be heated and formed into amazing shapes and styles, making beautiful and stately fencing. True wrought iron is heated and hammered by hand into shapes, then affixed into fencing sections that are installed into a cement base. Due to the extensive process that goes into making this type of fence, it is fairly expensive in comparison to other types of fencing. Yet its longevity and beauty make the one-time expense worth it for many homeowners.

A less expensive option that is almost as attractive is now available. It involves a process where iron is poured into a mold that imitates the design of wrought iron. It lacks some of the obvious detail that goes into handmade wrought iron fencing; however, it is just as durable and strong. Molded iron fencing is a great option for someone who desires the look of wrought iron, without the price tag.

Easier Repairs  

One great thing about wrought iron fencing is its resistance to damage. In the event it is damaged, repairs by a company offering iron fence services can often be easier than with many other types of fences. Other fences tend to experience more widespread damage, requiring replacement of a large portion of the fence, or even an entirely new fence, due to age. Wrought iron can be repaired by replacing only the damaged part.

High Security Without Loss of Visibility

Wrought iron fencing is available in shorter heights for more decorative use, and taller heights for better security. The benefit of using this fencing as for security purposes is it is difficult to scale, yet does not block the view, like bricks or hedges. It is great for pool enclosures and property perimeters, offering the security of more industrial type fences, yet in a more acceptably stylish way for residential applications. This can add much desired curb appeal.

Wrought iron fences may not be suitable for all residential uses; however, when used appropriately, they add a luxurious, elegant touch to any home property. With professional installation by a wrought iron fence company, and timely maintenance done by experienced iron fence services, any home can look like stylish and stately, yet be well protected. Wrought iron fences are a great option for the discriminating homeowner desiring a unique fence, with little upkeep!

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