Privacy fences are useful in various ways; they can help turn any small yard or landscaped area into an inviting, individual property for a homeowner to enjoy. Like other types of wood fences, there are also many different kinds of wooden privacy fences. When choosing the one to be installed by wood fence services, a homeowner should understand the various types and learn which wood fence will best suit their application.

Cost Considerations

Privacy fences made of wood are available in everything from the simplest, most common board fence, to more ornate styles made with fancy adornments, carved arches, and other architectural details. Naturally, the simpler the fence, the less expensive it will be. Before deciding to save on costs with this type of fencing, a homeowner should remember that they will be looking at this fence every day. Less expensive options can work as well as more expensive ones; however, a homeowner should also compare the initial cost of a fence versus other important factors, like maintenance costs and the desire for a certain style.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wood is a great material for privacy fencing as there are so many types available, which can be turned fairly easily into many different designs. There are literally hundreds of types of privacy fences that can be installed by wood fence services, ranging from the plainer straight board or offset shadowbox board style to more decorative and aesthetically pleasing styles, including lattice fences, varieties with decorative columns and posts, curved archways, and those designed in particular building styles.

Wood privacy fences come in styles that can compliment traditional home architecture or add an exotic flair, such as an Asian designed style. Fences that are solid, woven, or combine solid bottoms and decorative tops are very popular, adding a touch of detail to any yard. The choices of privacy fences available are almost limitless. Choosing the perfect fence allows a homeowner to create an atmosphere that complements the property’s unique, decorative theme.

Maintenance Considerations

Just like other types of wood fences, privacy fences are also made with a variety of woods. This is significant because different types of wood age differently; some last longer than others. Fences made from pine will undoubtedly be less expensive, but may not last as long as cedar or other longer-lasting varieties. Bamboo is an attractive privacy fence for a more exotic look, but may not be durable in all climates. Understanding the required maintenance of each type of fencing is an important consideration, as less durable species of wood require greater maintenance. Whether the desire is to paint or stain a fence - or leave it natural or paint it - the type of wood the fence is made from is an important factor.

To choose the best wood fences possible, a homeowner should decide if they want: a simple or an ornate fence; low or high maintenance; and budget range. Knowing these three things, a homeowner can discuss the available options in wood privacy fences with a local wood fence services the best fence installation!

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