A fence can be an attractive and useful addition to any residential property. Fences look great, increase property value, and make good visual and physical dividers for keeping kids and pets in – or maintaining a feeling of privacy. Before any fence installation or fence replacement, a homeowner should carefully consider the type of fence they need and the preferred material to determine which type will be best suited for them. Local fencing services offer many types and styles of residential fencing for installation to make any property look its best.

Decorative Fences

Whether wood or PVC, natural or painted, the installation of attractive fences can make any residential property look top notch. Decorative fencing can be matched to the architectural style of the home, provide growing places for vines and creeping plants, or help a house blend in a little more with wooded surroundings. There are many different styles of fences that can be used in a purely decorative manner, limited only by the vision a homeowner has for their property.

Privacy Fences

Privacy fences offer a bit of seclusion for small properties with close neighbors, or anywhere else one may want to block the view of outsiders. Local fencing services suggest they can be made of many different materials, and are available in countless decorative designs and styles. Privacy fences are taller than most standard fences – usually either 6 or 8 feet tall. They can serve multiple purposes, since they are usually solid. It is not uncommon for privacy fencing to double as safety fencing.

Safety Fences

Safety fences are useful for enclosing specific areas to either keep things in, or keep them out. Examples of safety fences are those installed around swimming pools; yards that are enclosed for children and pets; dog enclosures; and even along property lines to keep trespassers out. The style and type of fences used must depend on the specific purpose, with wood, PVC and wrought iron being popular choices. Fencing services say that combining styles, such as using garden wire inside a split rail or board fence, for an attractive fence that can also contain kids and pets, is common. However, a fence installation, or fence replacement, for safety purposes must be a type of fence that is strong enough to withstand whatever it is that needs to be contained.

Security Fences

On a residential property, security fencing – like wrought iron bars – is common as perimeter fencing. Chain link fencing is appropriate for specific pet containment areas. However, chain link is used most often in commercial applications, since it is not very attractive. Security fencing is usually at least 6 feet tall, and either solid, or comprised of pickets or bars with points at the top, along with any other means of discouraging someone from breaching the fence.

Whether a fancy, arched picket fence in front of a flower patch is desired, or a stately looking perimeter fence to keep wanderers out, a homeowner can make the best fence installation choice by first determining the purpose for their fence, and then researching the suitable options. Most any reputable, local fence services company can easily assist a homeowner with recommendations for the best fencing solutions. Once a homeowner decides on the appropriate fence, they can schedule a quick and convenient fence installation or fence replacement!

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