A deck installed by a local deck services company is a beautiful and popular addition to any home. Wood decks can provide much needed space, a great place to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family, and even increase home value – all at the same time! Decks are desirable, and one of the most common improvements that people make to their homes. They can be designed in unlimited shapes and styles, and built from various types of wood, but deciding on the right deck – or even whether to improve an existing one through skilled deck repair – does take some research and planning.

Planning A Deck

The hardest part in any deck project is usually the planning process, since the actual construction is usually a straightforward task. Deck design requires a lot of thought for homeowners to end up with the deck of their dreams, and the best deck for their money. Consider everything from how the deck will be used, and how often, as well as whether more sun or shade is preferred. Based on property layout and position, the shape of the house and yard, and the desired size and shape of the deck, homeowners should come up with some basic ideas of what they would like, then talk to an experienced deck builder. Together, after surveying the home and available outdoor space, and checking for any foreseen construction concerns, deck services and homeowners can draw up plans for the perfect deck installation.

Choosing the Right Material

Most decks are made of wood, but there are different types of wood to consider. Pine might be least expensive, but cedar or redwood lasts longer, and requires less maintenance over time. Lumber prices vary by species depending on location, and durability frequently depends on local climate. Look into all of these questions before settling on the type of wood to know what to expect from it.

Deck Sealing, Staining and Painting

After a deck is built, it should be sealed with outdoor deck sealer, and then either stained or painted with products formulated specifically for decks. There are many different stain options available today including opaque types that look like paint, requiring less work. Clear stains are an option for wood varieties that need protection, but look nice in their natural state. Paint is protective, but requires the most work after the fact since scraping, then repainting every couple of years will be necessary. On the other hand, stain does not require scraping, lasts longer, and can simply be reapplied over the old. The choice of which products to use should depend on the desired look, and how much work a homeowner is willing to put into keeping their wooden deck protected and looking good.

A beautiful deck that compliments a home’s architectural style, and provides extra space for entertaining, or simply spending quality family time, is a great investment for homeowners to consider. Where there is an existing deck in need of rehabilitation, deck repair by an experienced deck services company can gain the same great results. In either case, a wood deck makes a valuable addition to any home, and an investment that can be enjoyed nearly year round.

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