Iron fences are beautiful and strong; however, they are not indestructible. When an iron fence becomes damaged, having it repaired the right way is important for the look and integrity of the fence. Iron fence repair requires some special equipment and skill, so it is a good idea to hire fence services with professionals who know what they are doing. With the right repair work from an experienced company offering fencing services, any damaged iron fence can be made as good as new.

What Type of Damage Exists?

Iron fences usually are damaged in two main ways:  by rusting and by being bent. Homeowners can usually fairly easily repair iron fences that are rusting. More significant damage, like bent fencing sections or severe rust that requires replacement of parts of the fence, should be repaired by an experienced iron fence repair professional.

Repairing Rust Damage on An Iron Fence

Surface rust on iron fences is actually quite easy to repair, something most any homeowner can undertake. The fence should first be cleaned of dirt using a pressure washer or a scrub brush, then rinsed off and allowed to dry. Any surface rust that is evident after cleaning can then be sanded off with sandpaper or a sanding machine. Once the rust is sanded off, the sanded areas should be primed with an exterior primer for metal. When this is dry, paint can then be applied.

For more extensive ongoing rust problems, replacing sections of the fence may be worthwhile. Broken welds or bars and corrosion that has penetrated beyond the surface and hollowed out sections of fence cannot be repaired with sandpaper alone. Repairing this type of rust, or preventing it from worsening, usually requires professional fence services to replace these sections.

Repairing Bent, Broken, and Rusted Fences

Physical damage to iron fences requires a more substantial repair to look good again. Whether something has hit the fence and bent it, certain welds have popped, or there is deep rust working through some of the sections; these kinds of iron fence repair may require the skill of a professional. Bent and severely corroded bars can be cut off using a special saw, with new bars welded into place with a portable welder. Where welds have popped or cracked or when decorative parts of the fence have cracked; repairs can be made using a portable welder or using special, super-strong epoxies made for use on iron fences.

If damage is extensive and affects multiple bars in a fence section, it may be worthwhile to remove the entire section and have a new section welded into place. The extent of this repair will depend on how widespread the damage is.

Iron fences are easily maintained by keeping them clean and repainting them every few years to prevent rust. For existing rust problems, or more severe damage such as bent or broken rails and welds, homeowners should call a professional fence service with experience in iron fence repair. Iron fences can be beautiful and decorative additions to a property, so repairing any damage is a worthwhile investment. With the right repairs, an iron fence may last nearly a lifetime!

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