Installing a new fence, or replacing a damaged one, is a great way to improve the look and value of a property; however, it is important to keep in mind this process involves a little more work than simply buying some fencing and digging a few holes. This means a homeowner must be properly prepared. Whether working with professional fencing services or going the “do-it-yourself” route, there are some important considerations that must be made before the first post is set. Fence services of any kind require a certain amount of planning to avoid potential problems down the road, and the headaches a poorly installed fence can cause.

Permits and Property Lines

In some municipalities, whether installing their own fence or hiring professional fence services, it may be necessary for a homeowner to apply for a permit. If using a fencing services company, it is important to determine whether the contractor will obtain the permit, or whether the homeowner must get it themselves.

Be sure to inquire about any restrictions – such as height, distance from the street or other properties, or any other specifications. If a fence is not erected according to local ordinances, a homeowner may end up in a position where their fence must be taken down or moved. It is also essential the homeowner know exactly where their property line is, to avoid legal issues.

What Type of Fence Is Best?

Choosing a fence depends on many things, such as the homeowner’s budget, the style of fence that complements the house and landscaping, and what purpose the fence will serve. Fences that are purely decorative offer the most leeway since they just need to match well with the home. Fences intended to contain pets or children, or to act as a security measure or serve some other purpose, will be limited to the types of fences designed for these purposes. Once the purpose has been determined, the homeowner can then choose suitable materials.

To Repair or Replace?

Whether to repair or replace a fence is a big consideration, particularly when an existing fence needs a lot of work. It is possible to repair a fence, but in many cases, a fence that is in bad shape should be replaced. Before spending any money to repair a fence, it should be determined why the fence is failing to begin with. Poor quality materials that are beginning to decompose will only continue to do so, even if an effort is made to salvage the fence by replacing the worst parts.

If the problem is isolated, then repairing it could be worth the effort. The important decision to be made is whether to repair a fence that will still need to be replaced in the near future, or whether it is best to invest in a new, better quality fence now.

Finding the Best Contractor

While some homeowners may have the time and ability to take care of their fencing needs themselves, many prefer to leave this type of work to professionals. Finding a good contractor involves research. A homeowner should discuss their specific fencing project with them, ask for estimates and also ask to see examples - in the type and style being considered - of work the contractor has done. The homeowner should also confirm the contractor is insured and ask for references.

To ensure they get the best fence possible, homeowners must carefully plan their fencing job. The easiest, and most reliable way to do this is to work with experienced, professional fencing services that will work with the homeowners to get their new fence up quickly and efficiently. Fence services provided by the right contractor ensures the homeowner they will get the fence they want, that will beautify their home for years to come!

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