Putting up a fence is a great way to enhance a residential property,while providing some security and privacy at the same time. There are countless types and styles of fencing to choose from, but the long-standing favorite for most homeowners are wood fences. Long lasting, easy to install and attractive, wood fencing that is installed by an experienced fence company, can really spruce up the look of any property. If you putting up a fence is a consideration, think about the many advantages of choosing a wood fence, installed by local wood fence services.

The Natural, Rustic Beauty of Wood Fencing

Although some people prefer to paint it, natural wood fences are beautiful in their own right. Whether board, split rail, or some other type of fence, when it is left to weather naturally, wood takes on an attractive grayish patina as ages - giving it a very rustic look. The appearance of farm or rural fencing, even in less rural settings, can enhance the look of almost any type of home, making it the most desirable of all fencing types.

Different Woods for Different Fences

Wooden fences are made from a variety of woods, offering many different types of appearances and durability. Pine is readily available in various grades, and is a popular choice for everything from split rail to privacy fencing. It has a shorter lifespan than other woods, but can be preserved with pressure treating and sealing for a longer-lasting fence. Cedar - both red and white - are also very popular species that wood fence services use for fencing. Cedar ages to a richer gray, over a longer amount of time than pine does. It is also more weather resistant, and generally insect resistant as well - making a longer-lasting fence. Besides these two main species, various grades of poplar, ash, oak, and other woods are also used by fence companies for building fences, with varying degrees of durability.

Available in Many Types, For Many Uses

Of all the options available, wood can be made into the most variety of fences - and more beautifully than any other material. Split rail and board fences are only the beginning of the beautiful fencing creations made out of various types of woods. Privacy fences with lattice, and other intricate header and post designs can turn any yard into a beautiful, private getaway. Picket fences of all kinds provide a warm home appeal. Wood can be split, sawn into boards, woven as strips, carved, and cut into beautiful designs - giving homeowners many different options for having a unique fence that fits their personal tastes, as well as the design of their home and landscaping.

Whether looking to contract wood fence services for enclosing a backyard, adding appeal to a front yard, containing kids or pets, or creating privacy and soundproofing, wood fences offer huge possibilities. Available in countless shapes, sizes and designs, homeowners should take a good at what an experienced fence company can do with wood, before looking at other types of fences. Cost effective and easy to work with, natural wood fencing makes a beautiful addition to any property when installed by a seasoned professional!

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