One of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of any home is with an attractive front yard - and great fences can be a part of that. The right fences can make a boring looking property, appear inviting and interesting. There are many options to choose from when looking for a great front yard fence, too. Best of all, an attractive and useful front yard fence can be put up quickly and easily by an experienced fence company, giving any home a whole new look in no time.

What Type of Fence Is Best for A Front Yard?

Which type of fence is best for a front yard depends upon whether the fence will be purely decorative, or if it will also serve a useful purpose. Fences with the duty of containing pets and children need to be built to prevent the escape of both, usually meaning smaller spaces between boards or slats, or plans to include a wire mesh behind the main fence. They should also be tall enough to prevent scaling by animals, but not so tall that they look unsightly. Security fences designed as a boundary to keep people off a property should be taller than the standard fence height, so choosing a style that looks attractive, taller, is important. If the fence is strictly for appearance, just about any fence will do.

Attractive Fences for Front Yards

There are various styles of fence that are very attractive when used in conjunction with certain types of architecture; and others that are timeless, and can work with any style of home. When done well, a great fence looks like a planned part of the property, not an afterthought. With this in mind, following a few common types of decorative fences that are great options for front yards:

  • Picket Fences - Available in many heights and designs, picket fences are a timeless classic, and work very well with more traditional types of homes like Cape Cods, Colonials and others. These fences are commonly lower in height, and today can be found in varying designs like scalloped panels, rounded panels and other decorative sections. “Picket” styles can vary from flat board to square posts, adding to the variety. Picket fencing is widely available in both wood and vinyl, and one that local fence companies often install.

  • Split Rail or Board Fences - Split rail is another classic fence style that works well in front of more traditional architecture. Yet it is versatile in that it looks attractive in almost any installation. Board fence offers the classic homestead look, and is also very versatile. Both types can be reinforced with box wire or garden wire behind them, making an attractive, yet secure option for pet owners. Split rail is durable and fairly low maintenance as well, although board fencing does require a bit more attention.

  • Wrought Iron Style Fences - Whether made of wrought iron, aluminum, or vinyl that looks like wrought iron, these taller, stately looking fences look great surrounding the right property while also offering a sense of security. Wrought iron style fencing makes any home look more elegant, especially when installed with brick or stone posts and pillars. If security is a factor actual wrought iron should be used, since other materials are easily damaged and will not prevent entrance onto the property.

There are hundreds of options in fence design, many of which look great accentuating a front yard. To choose the right fence to improve the look of their front yard, a homeowner should consider the true purpose of the fence, the design of their home and property, and of course their own personal preference. For assistance in deciding which fences will look best in their front yard, homeowners can call a good local fence company to get some great front yard fencing ideas!

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