Fences are a great enhancement to any residential property. They look great and provide many useful benefits, as well. There are many fence styles and types to choose from, so having the right fence is important, as poor fence planning can be costly.

When planning this purchase, homeowners should do their research, work with an experienced fence company, and avoid making the following expensive fencing mistakes.

Installing the Wrong Kind of Fence

Fencing choices are largely made based on preference, but there are many other things homeowners should consider before investing in the wrong fence. Depending on the purpose of the fence, some types of fences may not be appropriate.

Security fences, fences for kids and pets, privacy fences, and fences purely for decorative purposes, all have different qualities to consider. Deciding on the right fence requires homeowners to look at their needs, plus the visual aspects and costs, to then determine which fencing options will fill all of their needs and still look great.

Ignorance Of Local Permit Laws

Part of the decision making process when choosing the right type of fence should also include researching local laws regarding fences, and obtaining the right permits. Some municipalties may limit the types and heights of fences that can be installed on a residential property.

Starting out by learning what fences are actually permitted can help a homeowner determine which fence is the best for their home. Being informed about local permit laws also prevents the costly mistake of having to take down a fence that does not adhere to local regulations.

Failure To Get Property Lines Marked

Another costly fencing mistake is failing to have property lines determined to ensure the fence is installed on the right property. This is a commonly made mistake, and one that can end up requiring a homeowner to move their fence, which can be an expensive effort.

Although not everyone will have a neighbor that gets upset over a few inches, legal issues can arise should a fence be installed on the wrong side of a property line. Before any fence company begins an installation, homeowners should not only have their property surveyed to determine property boundaries, but they must also know where the fence can be set, based on permit laws that may require fences to be a certain distance from property lines.

Not Setting Posts Securely Enough

One of the most common fencing mistakes of all is not setting fence posts securely enough, a problem that eventually compromises the strength of the entire fence. Depending on the type and weight of some fences, along with the composition of the soil the posts are set in, it is sometimes necessary to set posts in concrete to prevent sagging of the fence over time.

Because this step can make fencing more costly, many people bypass it, but later end up with a fence that leans, and must be pulled out so the posts can be reinstalled correctly.

Homeowners looking for the best fence installation, without the headaches caused by costly mistakes, must plan accordingly. By avoiding problems associated with choosing the wrong fences, mistakenly installing fences over property lines, or not having fences properly installed, property owners can enjoy their fences that much more.

Allow an experienced fence company to help determine the right fence and location, and the best way to install it, for best fencing results!

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