Putting in a pool at home is a great way to enjoy the summer, but it brings with it the important responsibility of pool safety. In most areas, any kind of in ground pool - and even some above ground types - must be enclosed by some kind of fencing to keep people and pets out of the pool when it is unattended.

When properly installed by professional fence services there are many great options for pool fences that are safe, strong, and attractive, to keep homeowners in safety compliance and prevent unfortunate accidents.

Important Purpose of Fences Around Pools

Fences look nice around a swimming pool, but they also serve an essential purpose - preventing deadly accidents. Every year a number of people - mostly children - as well pets and other animals, drown after falling into unsecured swimming pools.

Thankfully, in most residential areas, pool fences are required to help prevent these devastating accidents. They also reduce homeowner liability, by limiting the chance of pool injuries, as well.

Pool Fencing Suitability

To provide the protection necessary, fences around backyard pools must meet a few very important specifications. Homeowners should check their local ordinances for requirements; but in general, pool fences must be tall enough to prevent easy scaling by children and pets, and also have rails or pickets close enough together to prevent them from passing through.

They must also be strong enough to prevent being easily knocked down, giving access to the pool. Lastly, although this is not an actual requirement, homeowners typically want an attractive fence around their pool, that looks good and matches their home and landscaping style.

Recommended Pool Fencing Types

While technically, just about any kind of solid fence will do, fence installation experts suggest that some styles are not as appropriate around a pool simply due to cost, or because they are more suited for other uses. Combining all three requirements referenced above, following are the best types of fences to use around swimming pools:

  • Rail, Board, and Picket Style Fences - Wooden and PVC fences are both popular and cost effective options for pool surround fencing. With so much variety available, there is a lot to choose from when it comes these style of fences, that are suitable for use around a pool - including both PVC and wood options. It is also common to use garden wire on the inside of some board or rail fences with larger spaces, to prevent anyone from passing through the fence. For those looking for privacy as well as security, wooden or PVC privacy fencing may also work well.
  • Chain Link Fence - Chain link fences are very suitable as pool fences for keeping people and pets out. Those who offer fence services say that today, there are more attractive options in chain link - including coated wire and decorative strips that can be woven into the mesh to add more privacy, and some style.
  • Wrought Iron Type Fences - Whether actual wrought iron, or more affordable ornamental aluminum, metal bar fences are very popular as pool fences, according to fence installation pros. In addition, they look amazing! Installed around a pool, with a nice cement or slate patio, or other pool surround - these metal fences are protective, while looking very stately.

Choosing the right fencing to put around a backyard swimming pool is an important decision that must be made before anyone jumps in for that first dip. For the most suitable fence installation, discuss these and other options with experienced fencing services, who are able to advise about local laws, and help with fence selection!

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