When you choose to put up fencing around your residential property, you have countless options to choose from.

From simple post and board to more decorative fencing, the choices can seem overwhelming at first.

Before opting for a plainer looking structure, have you considered the benefits that can be gained by installing a more decorative fence?

Ornamental fences do so much more than just look great.

Types of Decorative Fencing

Looking beyond the standard posts, boards, and slats, there are many great types of ornamental and decorative fencing to suit all kinds of tastes:

  • Metal - Ornamental wrought iron and aluminum fencing are classic choices for both security and impressive looks. Metal is a great choice for homeowners looking for a more traditional and stately look. They are available in many heights and styles including those with additional decorative components like finials and fancy gates.
  • Wood and PVC - There is a lot more to wood and PVC than the standard post and board or vertical privacy panels. Both of these materials can be used to create beautiful decorative fences that still retain somewhat of a classic look. Arches, latticework, pickets, and components used in combination with other materials can look more appealing than the plainer options many homeowners end up with.
  • Natural Materials - Beyond metal, wood, and PVC, there are numerous other materials used to make beautiful and unique fencing such as stone, slate, brick, bamboo, and more. When used creatively, you can have the most attractive fence in your neighborhood by just thinking a little bit outside of the box about the materials you choose.

Why Decorative Fences Work

Why would you even want to go through the trouble of choosing decorative fencing over the usual installation the rest of your neighbors have?

There are actually more valid reasons than you might think:

  • Beauty and Uniqueness - Decorative fences simply look nicer than plainer, standard options many people choose. When you select ornamental fencing to match your home, you further accentuate its style. You can also choose ornamental structures to create visual style around your home if it needs it. Think Asian gardens, formal estates, or more traditional homes like Cape Cods or farmhouses. The right enclosure can give your home great character.
  • Personal Pride in Your Home - There is a certain pride we all feel when our homes look beautiful. Adding an ornamental style fence is one of the fastest ways to improve and enhance the look of your property and turn it into one that gives you great pride.
  • Privacy and Security - Just because a fence is beautiful does not mean it isn’t also functional. There are many beautiful options available that can provide the safety of having your property enclosed by a strong barrier as well as important privacy for you and your family.
  • Improves Curb Appeal and Home Value - Beyond pride, it is a proven fact that fences increase the value of a home. Decorative fencing that looks beautiful and stands out from the rest of the homes in your neighborhood can boost curb appeal and home value even more.

All in All

Decorative fences are both attractive and functional, offering you the best of both worlds.

There is no reason for you to settle for plain fencing when you could choose something more unique and beautiful.

Consider the great reasons why decorative fencing is the best choice - and look into your options today!

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