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Many companies have trash dumpsters in the back, as businesses typically generate more trash than the average residence. Dumpsters are a necessary maintenance item; however, they can be unsightly. The good news is that there are a number of attractive ways to enclose those trash receptacles using fences to keep them out of sight. Dumpster enclosures made like privacy fences provide a number of other benefits as well.

Why Attractive Dumpster Enclosures Make Sense

The most obvious reason why fences around trash dumpsters make sense is because they keep trash out of view behind a building or a nearby area where the receptacle must be located for easy pickup by the trash company. There are also a few other reasons why investing in barriers around the receptacle can be important:

  • Property Appearance - No matter what kind they are, dumpsters look unsightly. These large trash receptacles can detract from the overall appearance and curb appeal of business properties. By enclosing ugly trash containers with attractive privacy fences, that problem is easily resolved while adding a stylish element to the property.
  • Security - Enclosures around dumpsters also provide an element of security, since these receptacles are common targets for vandalism and theft. Even though they are used to dump trash, businesses need to keep others out for liability reasons and because ‘dumpster diving’ is illegal in most areas.  
  • Prevent Unauthorized Use - Besides the liability issue, another important reason to keep trash receptacles securely enclosed is to keep others from dumping their trash in them. Dumpster trash service is more expensive than standard service, so it is essential that the business actually be able to throw out its garbage without worrying about the dumpster being filled. Some services charge by weigh, so a dumpster filled with someone else’s trash could get expensive. An enclosure with a locking gate takes care of all of those issues.
  • Reduce Access by Animals - Especially important for businesses that throw out food waste, tall fences can reduce how easily stray animals and wildlife can access waste.

Fencing Options for Dumpster Enclosures

There are many ways that fences can be used to hide or enclose trash receptacles to make them more attractive and less accessible. The easiest option involves simply screening the dumpster on two sides so it is hidden from a front view of the property, although it may still be seen from other angles.

A better option is having a total enclosure made like tall privacy fences, designed with locking gates on the front. As there are fencing panels available in many different styles and materials, choosing one that matches the color or style of the building should be easy. Constructed from tall, decorative PVC panels, vertical hit-and-miss wood panels, as well as even wood or PVC lattice panels, these enclosures are relatively easy to build to the size needed. Just remember to install gates that are large enough to allow the trash truck to drive in close enough to retrieve the dumpster.

A dumpster enclosure made from privacy fences may be an added business expense; however, it is a useful accessory that serves many purposes. These fences add appearance to the property while securing trash receptacles, preventing unauthorized access, and keeping the area safe. This relatively low-cost business investment will pay for itself quickly, in many different ways!

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