Chain link fences are a useful choice where security and durability are prime concerns.

Though made from metal and tougher than wood, vinyl and many other types of chain link fence installations can suffer decay and corrosion over he years.

In order to preserve the fence and choose the right type, chain link fence services offer either galvanized or vinyl coated chain link, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Standard Chain Link Fences and Galvanization

Chain link fences made from wire machine-woven into a cloth mesh of sorts have been around since the mid-1800s.

As useful as this fencing material has proven to be over nearly 2 centuries, the one thing it has always been susceptible to is rust.

Now most of this fencing is produced using galvanization, although inexpensive, less-durable non-galvanized types are still available.

Galvanization involves applying a zinc coating to the wire by dipping it either before or after the wire mesh has been woven; it considerably slows the corrosion of chain link fences.

Many long-lasting fences are now made with galvanized chain link and can last for many decades.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fences

The other option available from chain link fence services is vinyl-coated chain link, which is almost the same as plain galvanized but slightly better.

Vinyl coated fencing is basically galvanized mesh that also has an additional coating of vinyl to make it even more corrosion-resistant.

So What Is the Better Chain Link Fence Type?

Depending on the use, either galvanized or vinyl coated chain link fencing may work fine in a variety of applications.

Choosing the right one for you involves understanding the differences and what effect they have on the fence:

  • Coatings - The obvious difference between a galvanized and vinyl coated chain link fence is one is galvanized only while the other adds vinyl coating on top of that to be more corrosion-resistant and last slightly longer as a result.
  • Cost - Galvanized is the less expensive option of the two, as additional vinyl coating can adds to the price of the wire fabric portion of the installation.
  • Use - Either option can be used in almost any type of fencing installation if the wire gauge is thick enough for the purpose.
  • Appearance - Galvanized chain link is very plain, industrial-looking, and comes only in its natural silver/gray metal color. This may be perfect for an industrial-type or business application or installation; however, it’s not as desirable in residential settings, community and park settings, and other similar uses where vinyl coatings in a variety of colors look more attractive.

Choice Depends on Usage Needs

Choices between chain link fences that are either galvanized or vinyl coated are usually based on intended usage and cost.

Both types of chain link fences can be used for almost any purpose; the few disadvantages of each tend to dictate cost and how it will be used.

Chain link fence services find that lower-cost galvanized fencing usually works for business and industrial needs, while the vinyl-coated version is a more attractive alternative if that is a primary consideration and cost is not a big factor!

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