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Whether you trail ride with your horses, compete with them, or just enjoy having them as part of your family, they need the protection of a strong, safe fence to keep them contained. There are many fences available from local fence services that are suitable for horses in a wide range of prices.

Review these types of horse-friendly fencing with your contractor so you can choose the best fence installation to protect your horses and give you peace of mind.

Wooden Fences

Wooden fences are the most traditional and attractive barriers used to contain horses. Available in a few basic types that are safe for horses,wood fence installations make your entire property look better and are durable enough to withstand the abuse that horses may give them.

The main disadvantage of choosing wood is two-fold: cost and maintenance requirements. Painted wood needs to be repainted regularly to keep it looking nice. Boards and rails can split or warp over time and may even break, requiring repair or replacement by experienced fence services.

Your horses may even chew the wood and damage it. Yet wood fences continue to be a favorite choice for horse owners who can afford to purchase them and are willing to provide the regular maintenance these wood structures need.

PVC and HTP Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are a newer fencing option offering you all of the reliability of wood plus some additional benefits. There are two types of vinyl products that are used for horse enclosures:  standard PVC post and rail and HTP (high-tensile polymer) rails and wires.

PVC is the same attractive and low-maintenance product used in many residential installations. It can be a great material for your horse fence installation and prevents chewing but comes with a higher price tag. Horses can also break PVC rails; however, it is a better option when used with an electric wire installed on top.

HTP is a maintenance-free and vinyl-covered high-tensile wire that was designed specifically for horses. It is the safest of all the options on the market right now, is extremely durable, and strong enough to withstand impacts. HTP is almost impossible to break as long as it has been properly installed by experienced fence services.

HTP is available in “rails” that look like post and board and polymer-covered wire strands; however, it can be pricey. Still, it is a tough, long-lasting, and safe option that will outlast any wood or PVC installation.

Wire and PVC Line Fences

Used correctly, wire and line fences can also be horse-friendly. Wire and PVC line fences are available as bare wire, HTP wire, non-climb livestock mesh, and PVC lines that do not contain wire. Each of these options is cost-effective and safe when you have the fence properly installed.

Although you can use all of these options as freestanding structures, the safest way to use them is in conjunction with any of the other types of fencing material mentioned above. A top rail made of wood, PVC, or HTP will make the boundary easier to see, while wire or PVC line make the entire installation more economical. Barbed wire should never be used with horses.

Electric Fences

Electric wire, braid, and tape are used with a charging box that electrifies them. When touched, the wire or tape delivers a low-voltage shock that can deter your horses from chewing, leaning, or trying to break through another type of fence. Electric tape and braids can be used alone or in conjunction with other top rails.

Electric wire is best used as a top wire over other types of fencing to discourage contact. Yet all of these materials can be easily broken and breached by a horse that is not deterred by the little shocks.

When choosing the best fences for your horses, always consider your budget, the activity level of your horses, and the degree of safety you require in a fence installation. Discuss the many different ways these materials can be combined with a local fence services company. They can help you choose the right type to keep your horses contained and safe!

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