Wrought iron fencing is a great option if you’re looking for something distinctive yet versatile.

Offering many qualities than most wood and vinyl fences do not have, wrought iron fences are easy to care for and can last for nearly an eternity.

Instead of opting for very common fencing, consider how wrought iron can serve your many needs and enhance your property at the same time.

Strength and Security

Of all the fences you can place on your property, wrought iron fences are by far the strongest.

When properly installed by a top-rated fencing company, iron is strong enough to withstand extreme weather and most impacts.

It remains standing in circumstances when most other systems would be destroyed.

Because it is so strong and durable, wrought iron fencing is highly secure.

It is a popular choice of homeowners looking to add an extra element of security to their homes to prevent entry by trespassers and wildlife, keep their pets and children protected, and reduce the chance of burglary.


Available in many styles more ornate and decorative designs to more subdued and stately ones, wrought iron fences all have a certain look of distinction about them that can make any home look more elegant.

The different available styles allow you to choose one that matches your home’s architecture or allows you to express your own personal style, from classic to more eclectic.

It makes a beautiful and secure pool surrounding that will keep people and pets out when the pool is not in use yet offer full visibility when it is. Some decorative styles also make great garden enclosures.

Long-Lived and Cost-Effective

Made from one of the most durable types of steel, wrought iron fencing is mostly corrosion-resistant as long as it receives proper care. This durability allows these structures to last for many decades.

They may cost more initially than other fences;  however, iron fences pay for themselves many times over their lifetime; other systems would need replacing every decade or so.

Easy Upkeep

Wrought iron fences require very little in terms of upkeep and maintenance.

An occasional cleaning is all they need to keep them looking great throughout the year.

Every few years or as needed, a new coat of rust protectant and metal paint will ensure your installation lasts as long as possible without corroding.

Improves Property Value

Any fence will add value to your property; however, some can add more value than others.

With its many qualities and distinct look, wrought iron creates great curb appeal and increases your property value more than many wood or PVC types.

In a neighborhood full of more common structures, your home will stand out in a positive way.

In Summary

If you’re thinking of installing fences around your property, consider the many ways that wrought iron fencing could be a great choice.

Long-lasting, strong, and attractive, wrought iron fences can transform the look of your home while providing you with important security and almost no maintenance required!

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