If you have a fence to keep animals and kids in or unwanted visitors out, you could end up with a big problem if it gets damaged.

Any type of fencing work is better left to the professionals; however,there are some emergency fencing repairs you can DIY if you find yourself dealing with storm-damaged fencing that needs some immediate help.

Try these clever ideas while you wait for a fencing service to come make emergency fence repairs so you can still let the dogs out in the meantime.

1. Mending A Broken Fence Rail

Broken rails of any type, whether split rail, board, or backer ones that support panels, can be fixed in a number of ways when emergency fencing repairs are needed until your fencer can make it out to do more permanent repair:

  • Board Rails - Broken boards can be temporarily fixed by screwing another piece of board or even a piece of 2x4 behind it so both ends of the broken rail are attached and secured.
  • Split Rails - A damaged split rail could be screwed together with long, sharp decking screws or tied together with strong twine until your fencer can arrive to put in a new rail for you.
  • Backer Rails - Backer rails that pull away from the supporting post can be secured by either screwing pieces of 2x4 to the post and then screwing the backer to the 2x4 pieces or using metal t-braces on both sides of the rail.

2. Covering A Broken Panel

When the damaged component is a fence panel, a section of wood pickets, or a similar type of panel fencing, the main goal of your emergency fence repairs is to cover the hole to prevent anything from passing through it:

  • Plywood Sheets or Scrap Sheet Metal - To cover a larger area in a panel-type installation, use a big sheet of plywood or scrap metal. In either case, use wood screws to attach the sheets on the posts in front of the damaged area to make a sturdy cover until you can get the section professionally repaired.
  • Thick Cardboard or Waterproof Cowl Board - In the absence of plywood or a sheet of scrap metal, heavy-duty cardboard like that used for appliance boxes or even cowl board can be used in the same way when you have to block the opening before your emergency fence repair service can arrive.
  • Wire Mesh - Garden wire, chicken wire, and any other kind of wire mesh can also work when screwed into the non-damaged part of the panel or even to the posts.

3. Supporting A Broken Post

A broken post definitely needs replacing by a fencer; however, in the meantime you can support it to prevent the two fencing sections on either side from coming down.

Accomplish this by either screwing 2x4's over the broken area with a commercially available metal fence post support or by pounding a wood or metal stake into the ground beside the post and then screwing or tightly tying it on.

Please note, these are all temporary post fixes to be used only for a short time to prevent your whole fence from falling down; they should not be relied on as a permanent post repair.

Temporary Repairs

When your fencing is damaged and needs emergency fence repair, there are quite a few temporary DIY repairs you can do.

Do remember that emergency fencing repairs are only temporary repairs and should not be relied on to maintain the integrity of your fencing boundary.

Once you’ve made temporary repairs to keep pets and kids in or others out, arrange for professional repair work from an emergency fence repair service that can be there as quickly as possible!

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