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Today’s homeowners have many options when it comes to wood fencing types to install on their property. Besides appearance, it’s important to consider things like maintenance requirements, lifespan, and durability against the elements as well.

Thankfully, there is a great option for those looking for an attractive and versatile installation that is also durable, especially against heavy winds. Hit and miss fencing, a favorite offered by contractors everywhere, might be the perfect choice.

What Is Hit and Miss Fencing?

Hit and miss is a type of wood fencing that has become very popular for a number of great reasons. Typically used for privacy, hit and miss describes the pattern in which the vertical boards are attached to the framework; there is one board on the front of the frame and another next to it on the back around the whole perimeter.

It is a simple design that looks attractive, is fairly easy to install, and can even be purchased in panels that need only to be mounted on posts by homeowners or fence services. Besides these qualities, hit and miss is also extremely durable against high winds.

Avoid Wind Damage with Hit and Miss

Privacy fencing requires skilled installation, since these panels are very heavy and can lean over time if not properly installed on deeply set posts. In addition to dealing with the force of gravity, these heavy panels get even heavier in rain and can become strained by high winds. It is not uncommon for homeowners to lose sections of privacy fencing after bad storms when winds are severe.

In locations where high winds are common, hit and miss fencing is a better option than standard, solid privacy panels. Hit and miss seems like a simple, decorative design; in actuality, this technique of affixing alternating boards on either side of the framework works well to prevent strain caused by high winds.

Since the panel is not one solid piece, blowing wind can pass through the alternating panels to escape from the other side. When wind passes through rather than blowing against it, the amount of pressure against the panels and posts is drastically reduced, reducing the amount of damage these panels might receive.

Privacy with Wind Permeable Panels

Best of all, even though there are structural spaces between the boards when closely examined, hit and miss panels have the appearance of a solid wood enclosure and provide privacy like solid panels.

The panels are usually installed with boards running vertically, although fence services can install them horizontally or even at an angle for greater visual appeal. Custom installed, hit and miss fencing can be made from different woods and with boards of different widths to provide greater wind resilience.

Installing a fence requires good planning to prevent problems that can later arise. When homeowners want an attractive privacy enclosure but storms and wind might be an issue, hit and miss is an option that can provide the best of both worlds.

Attractive and durable, this wind resistant fencing can be easily installed, making it a great homeowner choice!

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