Keeping your backyard swimming pool safe and secure with the right fencing is a critical part of having a pool.

Just because you need a secure fence doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on looks or style.

Swimming pool fencing is available in many different types to fit a variety of tastes and budgets.

Consider some of these swimming pool fences to keep your pool safe and your yard looking great at the same time.

1. Ornamental Wrought Iron or Aluminum

Whether you choose wrought iron or more affordable aluminum, decorative metal fencing is a popular option for enclosing swimming pools.

Available in many varieties, these fences typically consist of panels with vertical bars spaced a few inches apart and available in a variety of heights, space widths, and colors.

Metal swimming pool fences require little maintenance and provide an attractive, view-through barrier so you can keep your eye on what’s going on in the pool at all times.

2. Traditional Board, Rail, and Picket Types

When it comes to more traditional swimming pool fencing, the styles are endless.

They range from vertical bars and pickets to rails and boards backed with PVC-coated mesh wire.

Just about anything goes as long as it’s tall enough and no one can pass through it.

Wood options are readily available and available in many styles of PVC fencing to consider as well.

The biggest disadvantage with wood is that it does require considerable maintenance over the years, including occasional waterproofing and staining.

PVC is available in multiple colors, requires less maintenance, looks almost like the real thing, and is a great choice for use around water.

3. Privacy Fencing

If you wish to keep your pool area both safe and secluded, privacy swimming pool fences are your best option.

Privacy panels are made from either wood or PVC and provide a solid boundary to keep pets, people, and spying neighbors out unless invited.

They are available in a multitude of styles from plain vertical or horizontal panels to panels with patterns, lattice-tops, flower boxes, curves or other shapes, as well as other attractive types.

4.Tempered Glass Barriers

Another option in swimming pool fencing that is gaining popularity is tempered glass. Fences made of glass provide a safe, solid barrier to keep unwanted guests away from your pool while blending in with the environment.

They offer an unobstructed view of the pool area and require almost no maintenance other than a quick wipe down.

Best of all, tempered glass is extremely strong, impact and scratch resistant, and should it break, will crumble into rounded beads that will not cut.

Choose Wisely

Choosing swimming pool fences is just as important as choosing the right swimming pool.

When the time comes for you to install or replace yours, consider the many different fencing options available.

Whether you want something more traditional or enjoy decorative types, look into these safe, secure, and attractive swimming pool fencing ideas to find the one that’s best for your home!

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