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No matter what type of sport is being played, a good fence is something that every athletic field needs. Chain link fences are usually the most suitable choice for enclosing the perimeter as well as other areas of a sports field because they are protective without obstructing the view. When professionally installed by skilled fence services, these barriers are essential for many reasons.

Property Boundaries

Whether the athletic field is located at a school or on community grounds, it is essential that these areas be surrounded by the right fence to mark various boundaries. Doing so is important for both insurance purposes, to keep trespassers off these properties; and also to provide the right enclosures for the different playing fields.

Many schools and sports fields have an outer fence around the property lines and additional enclosures to mark off the various playing areas and for other specific needs. Most fence services know which types of barriers are generally recommended for sports facilities and can make an appropriate suggestion based on the sport and the property layout.

Spectator Safety

Most athletic fields need surrounding fencing to protect both the spectators and the players. Soccer, lacrosse, and hockey fields usually require a lower fence to enclose the playing area and contain the ball, while football fields may use higher or lower enclosures around the playing area. Spectator safety is a prime concern with baseball and requires a much taller barrier around the batting area, with lower fences around the outfield to mark the playing field.

Tennis typically demands a very tall enclosure as well, many times with a screen directly around the court to prevent balls from going through. Some courts in more confined and congested locations may even be enclosed with a chain link roof. In any of these situations, the greater the chance that a ball could fly toward the crowd, the greater the need to have a taller fence installed by experienced fence services in order to protect spectators.

Field Security and Player Protection

Fences are also necessary for crowd control to protect both players and the crowd. Athletic fields are typically partitioned off from the bleachers to prevent spectators from getting onto the field at any time. Screened barriers and dividers are also commonly used around the bullpen on a baseball diamond and similar areas on other playing fields to offer some privacy to the teams as they rest between plays. Barriers are also necessary to help venue security direct spectators to enclosed viewing areas and control the flow of spectators to and from the playing field.

Almost all athletic fields and courts include some type of barrier to contain the action and protect people. Regardless of the sport, owners of playing facilities must consider the many ways these barriers protect everyone involved and have the right fence installed. To learn more about athletic field fences and enclosures and get help in choosing the right one, property owners should contact local, experienced fence services to discuss their needs!

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