During the daytime, it’s easy to see the beautiful fences that surround your property and border your deck or patio.

Yet at night it’s a different story. Have you ever considered adding lighting to your structure to make it more visible?

When you’ve invested a good deal on fence services by a professional fence company, a little lighting can give you some great benefits

Where Can You Use Light to Highlight Your Fences?

Although it may not seem like an obvious enhancement, adding light to your fences can really change the look of both your fence and the enclosed property.

Here are a few areas where you might want to do this:

  • Under Deck Railings - The easiest and obvious place to add lighting to the fencework done by a fence company is on the underside of deck railings. You can easily tack or staple lines of small outdoor lighting under the railing so they give off a warm glow that illuminates the rest of the rail beneath them.
  • Along the Top of Privacy Panels - Another place where lighting looks attractive and can enhance the structure is along the top of privacy fencing. You can either drape strings of lights from post to post or attach larger lights at the tops of the posts. No matter what your taller fence is made from, post lighting looks great and brightens up the area.
  • Ground Lighting - An additional way to use lighting at night is to illuminate parts of your fence installation from the ground up. Ground floodlighting is useful for illuminating larger areas at ground level or directing focus on a certain area.

Why Use Lighting Along Your Fences?

While there may be some obvious benefits to adding lighting to your fences, there are others that may not so obvious.

Consider the ways that lighting can improve any structure you have installed by a fence company:

  • Improve Visibility - No matter where you add it, lights increase visibility. When used as ground lighting, post lighting, or even along railings, lights help people see and get around. It can easily be used to light up a specific area or illuminate a walkway to the door or pathway in your yard.
  • Create Atmosphere - Adding lighting to your fence is a great way to create an atmosphere. Small lights under deck railings, strung lights, and post lights help you build an inviting mood in your yard or on the deck that make it welcoming for entertaining or just relaxing in quiet privacy. You can also use lighting to highlight certain elements on your property and direct eyes to those areas.
  • Add A Measure of Security - Because lighting enhances visibility, it adds security. Thieves and other unwelcome individuals and even many animals tend to avoid areas that are lit up as it makes them more obvious. Ground floodlighting and post lighting installed after your fence services are complete is an especially good way to improve security around your property.

In Summary

As simple as the idea may seem, adding lighting to your fences can do a lot.

It is an easy way to improve the look of your property, improve visibility, and even improve your home security.

If you are considering hiring a fence company for some type of fence services, think about the different ways you can use lighting to enhance your home even more!

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