Whether you are looking to install security fences at your home or business, access controlled fencing is a great choice.

Access controlled systems offer you the safety of any security style barrier combined with the convenience of automatic controls.

Available in multiple styles, from commercial chain link to wrought iron and even some types of privacy fences, access controlled installations give you peace of mind and great service at the same time.

Secure Fences Around Your Property

Property security and the ability to keep trespassers out is important, whether you’re a homeowner or the owner of business property.

The best way to keep your property secure is with strong, tall privacy fences that are not easily scaled or breached.

The other way to achieve this is by controlling who can pass through your fences and gain access to the property.

Keeping unwanted or unauthorized people off your property is important for personal safety, liability issues, and to prevent theft and property damage.

Convenient and Secure Gate Service

The key to every great access controlled fencing system is a secure automatic gate.

Not only must the gate be just as secure as the rest of the installation; it must also be tamper-proof.

Automatic gates that open and close to allow permitted traffic offer great convenience while upholding safety.

Only those with pre-programmed access can activate the gates, which are controlled without anyone having to exit their vehicles.

Types of Multiple Access Controlled Fencing Systems

There are a number of access controlled fencing systems available for both commercial and residential uses, depending on the type of fences you want installed.

You can choose from slide gates, rolling gates, swing-out gates, or barrier arms designed to secure varying widths of driveways.

There is also the option of keypad, barcode card reader, or telephone/intercom entry access systems to provide the level of security needed.

For added security, systems can be designed with electric gate locks that activate once the gate has closed as well as closed-circuit TV monitors that can be viewed from within the building or on mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Available for Multiple Styles of Fencing

Access controlled fence systems are available in a variety of fence styles that provide the look you want and need. You can purchase stately metal bar fencing in many styles to protect your home.

This includes decorative gates, rugged chain link metal systems with secure, automatic entry systems, PVC ranch fencing with automated slide gates to control human and animal traffic, and even tasteful wood privacy fences with metal framed gates to prevent visual access beyond the property boundary.

Wrapping Up

No matter what type of installation you need, access controlled fencing systems add an essential layer of security for your property.

These fences improve personal and business security, offer increased safety, and make getting in and out of your home or business quick and easy.

Available in many styles from metal bars and chain link to decorative privacy fences, access controlled systems are a great choice for residential and commercial properties of all kinds!

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