Do you like the natural look of wood fences but want something more attractive and distinctive for your home?

What about beautiful bamboo fences?

Bamboo is available in many styles and makes a wonderful fencing material. It is a great alternative to the more traditional wood fencing styles.

So before you settle for pickets, rails, or post-and-board, consider the different types of bamboo fencing that is protective while making your backyard look amazing.

Why Bamboo Instead of Standard Wood Fences?

When choosing fences for properties, many prefer wood for its natural look and availability.

Wood fencing is produced in countless varieties and offer a lot of selection for the perfect look.

Yet it is not the only option if you’re looking for fencing made from a natural material. Bamboo is beautiful, unique, and more versatile than you might think.

Constructed from varying widths of harvested and dried bamboo, there are many types of fences made from this strong, long-lived, and unique material.

It’s a material that has been used in Asia for thousands of years to build many structures and has a lot of favorable qualities:

  • Requires no staining, although sealing can help it last longer.
  • Comes in a variety of natural shades.
  • Naturally resistant against UV damage, snow, ice, and rain.
  • Fast-growing and sustainable.

Bamboo makes a great alternative to wood fences, giving you the privacy or protection you need and want while making an attractive, bold statement.

Bamboo Fences in Their Many Forms

If the sound of natural bamboo fences sounds intriguing, you’re not alone.

As new styles are made available, bamboo is gaining popularity as a barrier that’s just as strong as some wood fencing, yet with more character.

Bamboo is often used to achieve a tropical or Asian flair but can be used in other great ways as well:

  • Horizontal or Vertical Panels - Bamboo by itself is most easily used by lining pieces up either vertically or horizontally to create solid panels. It can be attached a number of ways including using wooden framework to hold it together. The options for this type of installation are endless.
  • Slats - Milled or processed into flat slats, bamboo is used to create flat vertical or horizontal panels. These panels can be used freestanding or with some type of framework and can be either flat or woven together.
  • Bars and Pickets - Bamboo makes a beautiful replacement for the standard bars and pickets you might find with other types of wood fences.
  • Tied Panels - While stained wooden framework can be attractive, creating fence panels by tying bamboo together in different patterns can look particularly attractive. This technique is used to create panels with uniform boxes, bamboo lattice, and other appealing patterns.
  • Other Materials - Beyond being framed with wood, bamboo works well as the framework for natural reedsand can also be used with metal, concrete, and other materials to hide an unattractive installation. It works well when used in combination with other natural materials.

To Summarize

Bamboo is a beautiful alternative to standard wood fences and is a fencing material that can be used in countless creative ways.

Whether you’re interested in a tropical appearance or want your yard to look like a traditional Japanese garden, bamboo fences are a fabulous choice instead of the typical wood fencing of all your neighbors.

Durable, strong, and sustainable, bamboo is a great choice for a unique and functional fence!

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