When you want a little more seclusion around your home, privacy fences are probably the first things that come to mind.

There are other things you can also do to increase the privacy in your yard, both with and without the installation of a privacy fence.

Check out these 5 great tips on how to turn your open yard into a comfortable secret hideaway, a space you’ll love spending time in!

1. Many Types and Styles

The easiest way to turn an open backyard into a cozy, private space is by having a privacy fencing service install a tall, solid fence that acts as both a visual screen and a physical barrier.

Great for enclosing children and pets as well as keeping other people out when your neighbors are just a little too close, you can have privacy fences made from wood, PVC, bamboo, and other materials in countless styles ;from plain vertical boards to panels with ornamental tops and built-in flower boxes.

2. Add Privacy Screens to Open Fences

If you already have a fence but it’s an open style like post and board, open wood slats or pickets, chain link, or other types, you can easily transform it into a privacy fence by adding screens.

Made from mesh fabric, slide-in plastic pieces, and other materials, this is an affordable solution for creating privacy when you can’t replace your existing fence but just want to turn it into a solid visual barrier.

3. Turn Any Fence Private With Foliage

Another way you can turn an existing open fence, including shorter fences like split rail and picket fences, into privacy barriers is by planting tall bushes on one side of the fencing.

Certain fast-growing species will fill in your installation to create a beautiful and natural visual barrier without having to replace the existing structure.

4. Create A Boundary with Bushes

If the thought of creating a boundary with vines, ivy, and flowers appeals to you, installing some trellises can be another great idea.

You can use one or two panels close together or add multiple panels at the border of the area you’d like to enclose.

Planted with ivy and climbing plants, in a season or two you’ll have a beautiful natural barrier that’s part fence and part foliage.

Trellises also pair well with gazebos and pergolas to create a unique look for your yard.

5. Put Up A Gazebo or Pergola

For a smaller enclosed area, a gazebo may be all you need or even a permanent pergola with sides that go up and down.

Used with trellises or tall bushes, these free-standing structures can work give you an area where you’ll have privacy and comfort for entertaining or just relaxing on your own while being somewhat hidden from what lies beyond your property.

A Quiet, Comfortable Space

Whether you choose to have a privacy fence company install an actual fence of privacy panels or try one of these other creative ideas, the quiet and solitude you want can be easy to achieve.

Talk to your fencing contractor about options in privacy fencing and how you can make any of these great ideas work at your home!

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