A backyard swimming pool can be a pleasure for you and your family however, this fun activity could be a dangerous attraction for all the kids and families in your neighborhood.

Because a pool tends to create such an attraction, your insurance company likely has some pretty strict requirements on swimming pool fences and what you should do to keep your pool area safe.

The right swimming pool fencing such as extra-secure access controlled fencing is instrumental for keeping your pool safe and hopefully avoiding the risk of an unfortunate accident.

Understand An Insurance Company Viewpoint

A swimming pool is certainly a place for family and friends enjoy during the long summer days by cooling off, playing, socializing, and just having fun; however, your insurance company views pools in a completely different light.

Pools are considered an attractive nuisances, dangerous liabilities responsible for a number of injuries and deaths every year.

Although insurance companies may work to protect you in case of an accident, they also have the right to require certain protections to lower the risk of an accident, such as swimming pool fences.

Every Insurance Company Requires Pool Fencing

Homeowners sometimes confuse local ordinances and HOA requirements with actual insurance company requirements when it comes to swimming pool fencing.

Some townships may not require a fence around a pool; others may only require one around an in-ground pool while neighborhoods and HOAs may also stipulate the type of fence you can need on your property.

On the other hand, insurance companies have their own rules and requirement separate from governing regulations; they may require that any pool or outdoor hot tub on your property be surrounded by a barrier to increase safety.

What Are Considered Acceptable Fences?

The purpose of installing a swimming pool fence is to keep people and pets out when you are not there to supervise any pool activity.

Safe pool barriers must be tall enough to keep kids and animals from hopping over it, usually at lease 4 feet in height and preferably higher.

Fences must also be climb-proof, have closely-set bars or rails that cannot be passed through, and a locking gate.

Access controlled fencing is a useful option around a home pool for optimal safety, making it impossible to access without unlocking its gate.

To be sure to install a barrier that meets your insurance company’s requirements, check with your agent ahead of actual installation.

Pool Safety Needs Proper Fencing

If you have a swimming pool in your yard, it is your responsibility to maintain it safely with a swimming pool fence.

Pools are an attractive nuisance that can significantly increase liability risk and require special handling by you and your homeowners insurance company.

Some companies will not provide insurance coverage for homes with pools at all and other will only do so if homeowners install suitable swimming pool fencing around the pool.

Keep your home area safe with tall, sturdy, access controlled fencing installed around your pool by a local fencing specialist!

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