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A fence can be a useful and beautiful addition to any home. Yet a poor fencing installation can also be the cause of many headaches as well. Whether you decide to DIY or hire fencing services to handle your fence installation, pay attention to these important concerns first. With a good plan and an understanding of all the details, you will get the best installation for your money and avoid unexpected problems later on.

1. Zoning Codes and Property Lines

The two most important details you must confirm before beginning your fence installation  are local zoning codes and your property boundaries. Depending on where you live, local code may restrict the type of fence you can put up or require that it meet certain specifications. Failure to confirm your property lines could result in later legal problems if it is discovered your installation is on a neighbor’s property.

2. Plan Your Fence

Once you know the restrictions and requirements and your property lines have been marked off, plan your fencing installation by first thinking your needs and then your budget. There are all kinds of styles and materials you can use, some more suitable for certain purposes than others. Different materials have different life expectancies, may require more maintenance, or may be more difficult to install.

Additionally, consider the ways you can add aesthetic appeal to your fence using components like trellises, arbors, decorative top panels and end caps, and  more. Put some thought into choosing the right material and style so you are not disappointed later. You should also inform neighbors about your plans and show them your choice so any concerns or disagreements can be worked out ahead of time.

3. Contact the Utility Company

Before starting any work yourself or giving the go-ahead to the fencing services doing the installation, inform the local utility company about your plans. They will send someone to locate underground utility lines and mark the ground so you can avoid a potential accident while setting in posts.

4. Gather Tools and Equipment

If you are planning on doing your own fencing installation, make a list ahead of time of all the tools and equipment needed. Gather the tools and reserve any rental equipment ahead of time so when the fencing materials are delivered, you will be ready to begin.

5. Use Correct Techniques

The quality and longevity of your fence depends upon using correct techniques when installing it. Learn the proper way to erect the type of structure you have chosen, make careful measurements, and do not cut corners. If you start feel overwhelmed by the project or experience problems getting the posts set, consider hiring fencing services to do the job. They have the experience and equipment required to get your installation done correctly and quickly.

As anxious as you may be to get started on that fencing installation you have been dreaming about for so long, stop and consider these important points first. Handle these critical details before you break ground so your fence installation lives up to all of your expectations. Better yet, discuss your needs and ideas with professional fencing services who can help you every step of the way and ensure your project goes exactly as planned!

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