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When summer arrives, the most popular house on the block in many neighborhoods is the one with the pool. Home swimming pools are a great place for kids and adults alike to have fun while beating the heat; but pools can also be dangerous. Sadly, every year a number of people and animals are injured, or even drown in pools that are not well protected with the right fences. To protect the backyard pool, as well as friends, family, pets and even nature, pool owners should hire an experienced fence company to install a suitable fence to prevent any unfortunate accidents when pools are not in use.

Pool Safety Statistics

Every year, a number of serious pool injuries and drownings occur because of the lack of proper fencing around these pools, or because the wrong kind of fence has been installed. Drowning is actually the second most common cause of death in children aged 1 to 14 years, with many of these incidents happening in backyard family swimming pools. Many family pets, and even some wildlife are injured or drown in backyard swimming pools as well. Many of these pool accidents can be prevented with the installation of the right safety fence enclosing the pool. Unfortunately, many pools do not have any kind of fence surrounding them, presenting a heightened danger to those around them.

Fencing Laws and Swimming Pools

Backyard swimming pools present a considerable danger to children and animals because they are attractive, and generate interest. Because of this, many neighborhoods have laws in place which state that anyone with a backyard pool must have a safety fence installed encompassing the pool. This fencing requirement usually includes certain guidelines the fence company must follow when installing these safety fences. Still, not all neighborhoods have these rules in place, leaving many backyard pools accessible to those who really want to try to get into them.

Protecting Pools with the Right Safety Fences

Even if there is no ordinance requiring fences around swimming pools, homeowners with pools should still invest in a good safety fence to reduce the chance of an accident. Selecting the right fence is important, since many fences can be scaled or passed through, still allowing people and animals access. A professional fence company with experience in the installation of safety fences, such as pool fences, can help homeowners choose the right fence.

To secure the perimeter around a swimming pool, fences should be at least four feet high so that small children and pets would have a difficult time getting over them. These fences must also be solid, and constructed in a way that does not leave large openings where people or animals can be pass through. Privacy fences make great pool fences, as do chain link fences or even post and rail, or post and board fences, provided they are reinforced with something like coated garden mesh to create a more impenetrable fence. There are many styles of fencing that can be made suitable for use as a pool fence with the help of a knowledgeable fence company who understands the purpose, and the best fences to serve that purpose.

A backyard swimming pool can be a great addition to a home, providing countless hours of warm weather enjoyment. They can also be a danger, especially to children and pets. It is essential that all pools be surrounded by the appropriate safety fences to help prevent accidents. Pool owners, or those homeowners who are considering an investment in a swimming pool, should discuss their fencing needs with an expert fence company during their pool planning stages to ensure their pool is safe on opening day!

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