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Fences do not last forever. As strong and sturdy as your enclosure may start out, you will eventually require fence replacement. You could spend money on repairing it; however, sometimes it is just not worth it. If your property enclosure is sagging, rotting, or rusting and has seen better days, the best thing to do is have a new one installed.

Of course, before you can have this done you need to remove the old one. Whether you do the removal yourself or hire fence services to do it, use the tips that follow to ensure a safe and easy removal in preparation for a new installation.

Prepare Ahead of Time

There is more to removing a fence than just pulling down boards or panels. Prepare in advance to avoid problems later on by doing the following:

  • Confirm Ownership - The enclosure around your property can cause problems between neighbors, whether one is going up or coming down. Before you begin any fence repair or replacement project, inform your neighbors about your plans and confirm if necessary by surveying property lines that the fence is actually yours to take down. You will avoid many headaches by working this issue out ahead of time.
  • Call the Utility Companies - For the sake of safety, call the local utility companies to inform them of your plans, especially if the existing structure has been there a long time. Make sure they confirm that you will not be disrupting any underground utilities by pulling out an old installation and replacing it with a new one.
  • Have the Right Tools - Always have the right tools when tackling any kind of fence repair project, including the removal of an old one. Depending on the type of installation, this could mean anything from hammers and shovels to tools that will unbolt panels and remove hanging hardware.

Take Down the Old One

Once you have taken care of the points above, grab your tools and get to work. Start out by first removing all boards, rails, pickets, panels, chain link, or whatever components your installation is made from. Take them down section-by-section and leave the posts for later. All of this can be harder than you think.

If it becomes too difficult or you just want to have it done quickly by professionals, hire local fence services to dismantle and dispose of the old installation.

Remove the Old Posts

Depending on the condition of the existing posts, you may or may not need to remove them. Getting the posts out is the most challenging part of fence replacement, especially if they are sunk into concrete footers. If the posts are in poor condition, they must be dug out as the strength of a fence is in the posts.

This is the best time to hire professional fence services. Once the old posts and footers have been taken out, you can use the same holes to put in the new ones to ensure your new installation stays strong and sturdy.

Old, sagging, and broken fences look bad and can even be a safety concern. When your installation is beyond the point where repair can help, it's time for replacement instead. Once your old installation has been removed and fence services have installed the new one, you will be glad you did it. Your home’s curb appeal will go up significantly and your new fence will be safe, secure, and able to fulfill its intended purpose!

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