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When you think of chain link fences, do you only think of ugly, gray metal wire strung around commercial properties? For a long time, this was where most fence services installed these fences. Today, this durable property enclosure is available in many more varieties and is even suitable for residential use. Before you discount the strong and affordable chain link fence, learn about the many ways modern varieties can be both useful and attractive on your property.

Polymer Coatings Enhance Looks and Durability

One of the best advances in modern chain link fences is polymer coatings that improve appearance while reducing rust and decay. You can now purchase woven metal fence fabric from residential fence services that looks more natural when installed, rather than looking more industrial.

The mesh coating blends in better yet also serves its intended purpose around a pool, dog run, or tennis court. This coating also makes the wire less susceptible to decay, prolonging the life of these fences.

Composite Installations Great for Residential Use

In addition to polymer coatings, there are many other developments in chain link that has made it both useful and attractive in residential settings. Composite fencing has become a very popular use of chain link, with fence services being increasingly more creative in the way it is installed. It is an installation that combines two fence types to take advantage of the benefits of both.

The metal fabric is installed inside or behind a structural support of wood posts and boards, vinyl systems, or other supports. It can also be hidden behind vinyl privacy slats that look uniform from the outside. Whichever way it is done, the results can be both beautiful and strong. You have many more options than the plain commercial installations that many people think of when they hear chain link fences.

Some composite fences that look much more attractive may even be acceptable in communities where chain link has been specifically prohibited due to its appearance.

A Safe Fencing Option

When used in conjunction with other fence types to improve its appearance, modern chain link fences are also very safe for residential use. They make strong enclosures for children and pets, can enclose your swimming pool, or restrict access to other areas on your property. Chain link can even be used in a composite installation around horse and livestock paddocks, where strength and durability really matter.

The woven wire fabric is available in heights from as low as 36 inches to as tall as 8 feet or more. High-quality, coated galvanized chain link also meets ASTM safety standards, another reason to consider this option for various uses.

When considering the options for residential fencing, you may normally exclude chain link fences from your choices. Fortunately, today’s modern offerings make these fences a possibility in more applications than ever before. You may want to look into the many creative ways this material can be used today and see how it can serve many purposes around your home.

Whether you decide on coated wire with matching capped posts, or an attractive composite system that enhances the usefulness and beauty of multiple materials, fence services can install durable chain link in a way that works for you!

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