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Fences make any property look beautiful. They also serve as protection if you have kids and pets. Keeping your kids safe in the yard requires you to choose the right barrier installation to do the job. If you have young children and are thinking of hiring a local fence service to install a new enclosure, consider the following tips first!

Child Safety

When it comes to safety, you can never be too cautious with kids. Children find the most ingenious ways to get themselves into trouble that could including getting injured. Fortunately, many childhood mishaps can be prevented with sturdy, secure fences. When correctly installed by professional fence services, the barrier around your yard creates a safety zone for your kids and pets where threats to their security are greatly reduced.

The right installation will keep your kids safely contained in the yard while keeping unwanted visitors out. Children can be protected from street traffic and any uninvited visitors such as neighborhood dogs, intruders, and even wildlife that could pose a threat.

If you have a swimming pool, a perimeter fence is essential and actually required in many communities. This type of enclosure prevents children from accessing the pool without supervision.

Choose the Right Type

Kids are adventurous and creative. If there is a way for them to do something, they will figure it out, which includes bypassing fences. If one of the purposes of your fence installation is child safety, make sure you choose one that is kid-proof. Following are some important consideration:

  • Climbing - Kids like to climb. To reduce the chance that your children will climb the fence, purchase one that does not have climbable horizontal rails or boards. If you are using some form of chain link or wire mesh, make sure the openings are less than 1 ¼-inches wide to prevent scaling by even the littlest feet.
  • Injuries - Although they may look nice, enclosures with pointed finials at the top and even some sharper picket styles can be dangerous. A style with flat-topped pickets or bars enclosed in a framework is much safer.
  • Height and Width - A protective fence should be tall enough to prevent kids from easily scaling it. In most states, pool barriers must be at least 48” in height. This is also a good minimum height for any perimeter enclosure as well. The vertical bars on metal styles should be no greater than 6-inches apart to prevent escape attempts or injuries. All fences should be installed so they are no more than 6” from the ground.
  • Gates - Have your fence services company install a spring-loaded, self-closing gate. Use childproof gate latches set on the inside, up high enough that very young kids cannot reach them. Gates should open outward and away from the inside of the yard.

From wood and PVC privacy fences to certain decorative wrought iron styles, there are many options to choose from that are both attractive and kid safe. Discuss your specific needs with professional fence services who can help you select the best installation for your home and family!

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