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When it comes to fences, some dogs are true escape artists that can get out of a yard in some very ingenious ways. To prevent escape and keep your pet safe, it is important to have the right fence installed by an experienced fence company.

Make sure you purchase the right fence from your local fence service by considering the tips below regarding fence choice and how to make dog-proof yours to keep your pet safe.

Jumping or Climbing

Bigger dogs can jump to incredible heights; some dogs can also climb like a cheetah. If your dog jumps or climbs, is especially large and agile, or the breed is known for this type of behavior, you must take this into consideration when choosing your fence.

Discourage jumpers with taller fences at least 5 to 6 feet high. Prevent climbing by avoiding chain link, post and board with garden wire, or any other choice that provides footholds that can be climbed by a dog. Good options for both jumpers and climbers are tall privacy fences or having your fence company add a lean-in extension at the top of the installation. You can also use tall landscaping like trees, bamboo, and dense shrubs to prevent these practices.

Digging and Tunneling Under

Digging under a barrier is another common way for dogs to escape from their yards. Prevent dogs from successfully tunneling out by reinforcing the ground a few feet out from the fence. You may be able to do this by using low, dense bushes, brick walkways, large decorative stones, or other creative ideas.

You could also have fence services install L-footers. These are wire grids or concrete pads buried along the perimeter of a fence that stop dogs from tunneling out and escaping.

Slipping Through

Tiny dogs and even some not so tiny dogs are great at squeezing through tight spaces. When choosing a fence, consider whether your dog might be able to squeeze through openings between pickets and slats.

Prevent escapes by choosing closely-spaced barriers to prevent dogs from slipping through. You can also have your fence service install an additional barrier on the inside of the fence. Coated garden wire and specialty dog guards can contain very small dogs. You could also choose solid barriers like privacy panels.

Gate Opening

Especially intelligent dogs have no problem learning how to operate simple gate latches. If your canine friend is one of the smart ones, have your fence company install a more complicated latch that requires multiple steps to open. You can also install a latch that accepts a padlock or large snap hook so the dog cannot get it open.

While most dogs are content staying within their fences, others pose a real challenge to keep contained. Avoid escapes by having fence services put in a dog-proof barrier that can stand up to your pet’s attempts to outsmart it. Discuss your specific needs with a local fence company so you make the right choice and keep your dog safe!

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