If you have pets, it’s essential that you have the right fencing system to keep them safely confined in your yard.

Not every type of barrier will do, so it’s important that you understand what qualities are important for safe pet containment when you start planning your enclosure with local fencing services.

Whether you have dogs, goats, chickens, or even pot-bellied pigs, the right fence installed by a professional fencing company can really make a difference.

Escape-Proof Fencing Design

The first thing you should consider when deciding on pet-proof fencing is choosing a system that does not allow your pet to escape.

That may seem obvious if you’re hiring fencing services; however, some systems are not as escape-proof as they may seem.

Choose your system based on these important factors:

  • Height - The fence should be high enough that your pet cannot jump over it.
  • Spaces - Whether the system has vertical bars, pickets, spindles, or horizontal rails, the space between components must be small enough that your pet cannot pass through them. This includes the space between the bottom rail and the ground. Systems with larger spaces can be reinforced using wire mesh on the inside to prevent passage through the fence.
  • Inability to Climb - The design should be one that cannot be climbed.

Injury-Proof Components

In addition to being escape-proof, the system you have installed by a fencing company should also be one that will not cause injury to your pet.

As above, bars and rails should be small enough to prevent escape; however, they must also be small enough to prevent heads and feet from getting stuck, just like with children.

Components should be smoothly finished with all hardware flush or hidden and any wire ends properly wrapped to prevent cuts and snags.

Strong Gates and Latches

Most pets are intelligent enough to know that the gate is where you and they can get in and out of the fencing enclosure.

Some are even smart enough to work certain types of gate latches.

Choose a gate that has all of the above qualities while also having strong hinges and a strong latch that cannot be easily activated by a crafty escape artist.

Your fencing services should install all gates to open to the inside of the enclosure.

Gates should also be spring-loaded so they close automatically to prevent accidental escapes.

Visual Barriers

For dogs that are easily agitated by neighbors, pedestrians, or even other pets wandering around the neighborhood, you may want to have your fencing company install a solid type of fence such as one with privacy panels.

Solid systems that block your pet’s visibility beyond the enclosure are a great option.

They fit all of the above requirements plus help keep your pet happier, quieter, and less stressed.


While this may seem like a long list of requirements, there are plenty of pet-friendly fencing systems available today from most fencing services that meet them all.

You can easily choose the right one by taking your pets and their habits into consideration and discussing your needs with a professional fencing company!

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