Wood fences are a classic part of residential property, offering beauty and security in countless ways.

If you’re thinking of having a wood fence installed and wondering which kind to choose, you certainly have many options.

Before calling a fence service that handles wood fences, there are some important factors to consider to decide what you need so you can make the right choice.


The first consideration about wood fences is why do you want to put in a fence?

Is it for privacy and home security or do you just like the look of a fence and want one around your yard?

Are you fencing in farm animals or wanting to create an enclosure to keep children and pets safe yet keep intruders and wildlife out?

No matter what your reason for a installing a wood fence, you must know the purpose of your fence in order to choose the right one.

Some can fit multiple needs, like tall privacy fences; others are more suitable for livestock like post and board or split rail, while low pickets are more decorative and less secure.

Once you’ve determined which types suit your needs, consider other possible factors in choosing the right wooden barrier.


Wood fence services can install anything from affordable pine post and board sections or privacy panels to expensive, decorative fences made from more exotic or less common woods.

Cost is usually based on certain factors:

  • Species and availability of the wood.
  • Grade, or quality of the wood.
  • Amount of labor and processing involved in creating fence parts or sections as fancier, creative installations can cost considerably more than plain, uncomplicated styles.
  • Labor required to do a wood fence installation.

Maintenance Requirements

Wood fences require varying degrees of maintenance and upkeep depending on their species, if they have been pressure treated, and other factors relating to weather resistance and overall durability.

Where minimal maintenance is desired, options of cedar, redwood, teak, spruce, cypress, and any pressure treated woods are best, although they do tend to be more expensive.

If doing periodic maintenance like pressure washing, sealing, and painting or staining is not a concern, pine is a popular and cost-effective choice if you keep in mind that it is less durable than others and requires more upkeep.

Style and Appearance

After deciding on purpose, cost range, and maintenance requirements, look into the endless style varieties your localwood fence service can install.

From decorative bamboo and woven privacy panels to plain utilitarian picket or post and board, there is definitely a fence out there that fits your style.

You can choose traditional and homestead style installations, create an Asian or tropical inspired appearance, or even purchase wood fences that have been artistically carved or made from lattice that include flower boxes, light pedestal posts, and more.

How Go Ahead and Choose Your Wood Fence!

The critical factors that will help you choose the right wood fence installation is knowing the purpose of your fence, your budget, maintenance requirements, and the appearance you’d like.

Contact a local wood fence service to discuss the options in more detail and you'll be sure to have the perfect wood fence installed!

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