Iron Fences in College Station Texas

For those looking for an attractive, yet secure option in residential fencing, steel or iron fences may be a perfect choice. The installation of iron fences can improve the looks of any property and is available in subtle varieties and more ornate styles. Best of all, installation by iron fence services is easier than ever, making iron or steel a great affordable choice for any home.

Adds Beauty and Style

The most striking quality that steel and iron fences possess is unmatched and classic beauty. Whether an installment consists of straight and stately bars or more ornate panels with curls and rounds, iron and steel stand out and bring importance to any home surrounded by them.

Steel and iron panels can be installed alone or as part of a brick or stone boundary, adding classic elegance to any home or property. Depending on the desired appearance, homeowners can accent their iron fence installation with vines or other foliage to help it blend into residential surroundings.

Available in Multiple Types

Ornamental steel or iron fencing is available in multiple styles to fit a variety of fencing needs and budgets as well as to create different looks. Following are some of the various types:

  • Welded Steel - Constructed from non-galvanized steel welded together into fencing sections, this method produces the strongest result. Sections are painted or powder coated, then installed into footers that hold up the fence. Welded steel systems are the most expensive; however, they will last the longest with regular maintenance.
  • Assembled Component - Iron fence services can assemble punched and shaped galvanized steel pre-constructed components. This is a less expensive alternative to welded steel systems. Components are formed, powder coated, then assembled piece by piece at the site. Rivets and other fasteners and retainers are used, requiring no welding at when installed.
  • Aluminum - These ornamental iron fences made from aluminum as opposed to steel are produced in welded sections like welded steel systems. The powder coated sections are then assembled onsite with screws, rivets, and other fasteners. Aluminum installations are useful in coastal areas or where corrosion is a significant concern.

Strong, Secure, and Long Lasting

When properly installed by iron fence services, these fences are some of the strongest and most secure choices for residential applications. With routine, relatively low maintenance requirements, they are durable against most corrosion. Steel and iron also make an ideal choice for safely containing children and pets.

They are available in varying heights of 8 feet or more to provide good home security. An iron fence installation can protectively last for decades when properly maintained.

Considering the many options with iron fences, homeowners wanting something different yet elegant have many choices. Whether opting for the stately rungs of a welded steel fence or ornamental-type curls and swirls, iron fence services have options to fit varying fencing needs and homeowner budgets. A great iron fence installation will truly stand out and give homeowners years of attractive service as a security feature or simply as an attractive property enhancement!

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