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For some, there is nothing nicer than being able to relax and enjoy the patio or backyard on a beautiful day or cool evening. If you live in a neighborhood where houses are close together, a privacy fence installation can make these areas more enjoyable without having to worry about curious or disruptive neighbors.

Privacy fences can be installed quickly and just where you want by an experienced privacy fence company. These yard enclosures are attractive and useful in multiple ways; they can be a great home investment.

Why Choose A Privacy Fence?

There are many different reasons why a privacy may be the right choice for your particular backyard setting.

  • Seclusion From Neighbors - Tall and attractive privacy fences can be a great addition to a home if you live where space is close and neighbors are just a stone’s throw away. Neighbors can be great, but they do not have to know everything that happens in your yard. The right privacy fence installation can give you the seclusion you need to enjoy your backyard or patio when you want some quiet time alone or to entertain guests.
  • Choice of Height - Blocking your neighbor’s view is not the only reason why you might consider having a privacy fence company install this type of fence. Privacy fences are usually available in 6-foot and 8-foot heights and are solid barriers that can do much more than prevent people from seeing in.
  • Safety Concerns - When used around the perimeter of a yard, they make safe enclosures for kids and pets. Privacy fences prevent trespassers and wildlife from entering your yard. They also reduce road noise around your house and are a great choice for use around swimming pools and hot tubs.

For whatever reason you may need a tall and solid barrier, a privacy fence installation is a great choice.  

Many Great Materials and Color Choices

Privacy fences are available in a wide variety of styles and made from many different materials. You can purchase wood panels made from pressure-treated pine, weather resistant red cedar, oak and other hardwoods, composite, and PVC vinyl.

Wood panels can be stained and painted any color, or sealed and left to age naturally. Composite and PVC panels are available in multiple colors to suit your taste. With all these materials, you can easily match a privacy fence to your house so everything looks cohesive.

Beautiful, Decorative Styles

In addition to all the material choices, a privacy fence company can install decorative panels in a variety of styles to give your backyard some character.

  • Choose from panels with gracefully curved tops, lattice tops, or even built-in flower boxes to fences ls with thin and pointed picket panels, vertical wide boards, louvered, and staggered boards.
  • Some privacy fence panels are creatively designed with an Asian or tropical flair or even custom designed and built to your specifications. There is a style to compliment every architectural type and every possible use.

If you could use a little more privacy in your yard or need a fence that is safe for your pets and kids, a privacy fence installation is a great choice. Privacy fences are beautiful, functional, and allow you to transform your plain backyard into a retreat away from curious eyes. With a style for every need, taste, and vision, a local privacy fence company can build exactly what you need!

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