A fenced yard is the perfect place to let your dog out for some exercise every day, at least as long as you can keep him or her safely contained!

Most dogs are fine with many fencing installation types; however, if you’ve got an experienced escape artist, not just any fence will do.

If you want to prevent break-outs, be sure to choose a fence that can keep your canine Houdini safe and secure by having it professionally installed by a skilled fence company.

The Qualities of A Dog-Proof Fence

When considering the options when contracting fence services to install a dog-proof fence, it’s important to realize that every dog is different and will require different things to keep it contained.

Certain breeds and temperaments are notorious climbers, diggers, and fence scalers.

Still, there are certain qualities that a fence must have no matter what type of dog you have.

A safe dog-proof fence must be:

  • Tall enough to prevent jumping.
  • Non-scalable/unable to be climbed.
  • Low enough to the ground to prevent tunneling under.
  • Material spaced close enough together to prevent an escape.

When the Average Fence Won’t Do

When the typical picket, board, or vertical bar fence is not enough to keep your canine family member safely contained, look to more suitable styles that are naturally dog-proof in most situations:

  • Privacy fencing and other solid panel options.
  • Extra-tall picket fences.
  • Post and board, split rail, or other fences with garden wire behind it.
  • Metal fences with close pickets.
  • Chain link.
  • Invisible fence for those dogs that are trainable to it.

Other Options for Dealing with Canine Escape Artists

For those clever canines out there that still manage to get over or through dog-proof fence installations, you may need to get crafty in how to keep the dog within their boundaries.

Consider some of these options that you can use with your dog-proof fence to make it escape-proof:

  • Prevent Climbing and Jumping - Plant tall hedges or bushes on the inside of the fence, install a coyote roller on top, or cover the interior with rolls of non-climbable bamboo panels.
  • Prevent Digging - Install concrete paths around the perimeter, set the installation into the ground, or install wire or some other physical barrier that the dog cannot dig through.
  • Reduce Visual Stimulus - Cover the fence so the dog is not visually stimulated and encouraged to try to escape.
  • Full Containment - For those dogs that manage to find a way over, under, or through just about anything, a viable option may be to have your fence company construct a full enclosure on a cement slab with a top so that all means of escape have been removed.

Final Canine Houdini Thoughts

If you’ve got a dog and a yard, it’s essential that you also have an appropriate, escape-proof fence installation that will keep your dog safe.

Consult with a fence service experienced in dog enclosures about your dog and the type of barrier you will likely need to keep him or her safely confined.

With a professional dog-proof installation, your yard will look great and your canine Houdini will have to just enjoy it within the confines of your fence!

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