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Fences serve many purposes. They can enclose pets and children, and keep trespassers out. They can also mark property lines or just make a yard look more attractive in general. Some fences, when used in a more decorative sense are also useful as outdoor boundaries for gardens, patios and other more private areas.

Open spaces are nice, but there are times when a visual boundary is also nice. With the right type of fencing, installed by a good fence company, homeowners can mark a variety of boundaries in many attractive ways.

Different Types of Boundaries

Whether fencing an entire yard or designing a decorative landscape, fence company pros explain that different types of boundaries are important for a number of reasons.

Physical boundaries may serve the purpose of keeping things in or out, or marking property lines, but visual boundaries are useful in other ways as well. This is especially true when enclosing parts of a yard to create aesthetic appeal and generate atmosphere.

This could be accomplished by putting a boundary around a planted garden, behind a flowerbed, or around a patio or another outside sitting area.

Decide on the Purpose and Built to Suit

Experienced fence companies can construct boundary fences by using many different materials. Choosing an appropriate material requires an understanding of the purpose of the boundary, and how large of an area will be enclosed. If a boundary is intended to create privacy, fencing experts point out that certain types of fences such as privacy fences, bushes, and other taller and less airy fences are more appropriate.

If a fence is intended to only be visually appealing, or to add a certain style, one that fits the design of the space that is being enclosed is recommended. This could mean using a picket fence as a border around a flower garden, or a low wall made of stone as a border around a stream or tree line.

Fencing businesses can even construct boundaries that lead the eye toward other elements in a yard or garden, that blend into a landscape design or to be a prominent part of a design.

Therefore, choosing the most suitable fencing style and material means knowing what role the fence will play in the design, and then having the fence company build the right fence to achieve this goal.

Choosing the Right Fence Materials

When creating fencing boundaries, there are countless common and creative materials that can be used depending on the type of boundary necessary. Physical boundaries that must contain, or prevent access, should be constructed of more durable fences; but in settings where an attractive, decorative boundary is the idea, almost anything goes.

Walls and enclosures made from natural materials are especially suited for gardens and other places to highlight the landscaping; while private areas and boundaries intended to block views or create more of a hideaway can be a combination of more structured fencing and accented with natural elements.

This type of boundary could mean a tall privacy fence with built on flower boxes; a stand of bamboo behind a split rail fence; or even some sort of fence with vines growing over it to fill in any open spaces. When it comes to designing decorative boundaries, homeowners and their fence companies can combine their ideas and really use their imaginations by using natural and synthetic fences, or a combination of the two, to create the perfect look.

Although fences can create a physical boundary around an entire property, they can also be used in more decorative ways to create beautiful visual boundaries around smaller areas, too. Whether designing a backyard getaway, or just accentuating the landscape features, a fence company can use all kinds of fences to serve as attractive and enticing boundaries.

Skillfully designed outdoor space boundaries can add great character and charm to any home property when the right fencing is used!

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