Fences can be a great and useful addition to any home property. When a homeowner considers adding a fence, they must not only think about the kind of fence they need, but also whether they should install it themselves or hire professional fence services. However, unless fencing installation and fence repair is something a homeowner has done before, hiring a professional is generally recommended. While fence installation is not complicated in most instances, it does require a lot more work than most homeowners estimate. To avoid problems, and ensure the best installation possible, hiring a reputable fencing company may be the best option.

Permits and Local Fencing Regulations

Many communities require permits to erect fences on residential properties. These permits limit fencing installations to specific types and sizes. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize this, and by trying to save themselves some money by doing it themselves, end up with a fine, or even have to take the fence down, that they painstakingly put up. Professional fencing contractors are aware of any need for permits in their local communities, or can quickly determine that need. They will then work within local specifications to put up a legal fence that will not cause the homeowners any problems in the future.

Different Fences and Specific Installation Requirements

The different fences available are suitable for a variety of purposes. Each of these fences require a different type of installation. If a fence is not properly installed, it can lean, sag or suffer from other problems that turn this beautiful accent into a time-consuming, maintenance nightmare, requiring many fencing repairs. Fences that serve as a containment for pets and children also become much less reliable if they are not properly installed, creating the potential for a dangerous situation. A fence correctly installed by professional fence services will stand upright and remain strong and attractive for many years to come.

Doing the Heavy Work

Even when homeowners understand the work involved in putting up their own fences, actually performing that work can require much more effort and expense than initially estimated. Digging holes is backbreaking work, and renting hole diggers can be expensive. Most fences require concrete to be poured in post holes to keep fence posts stable. Using concrete can be exceptionally messy and difficult to work with. A good fence also requires the careful measuring and marking of a property. One wrong calculation can mean hours of extra work. Professional installers have all the necessary equipment required for a proper installation, and are skilled at using it. Since they make a living doing this difficult type of manual work, they can complete it correctly and more efficiently.

It is not impossible for homeowners to put up their own fences, and many homeowners are extremely adept at handy jobs just like this. Those who are capable of this strenuous work, and also understand the proper ways to install the fencing they have chosen, can probably handle a “DIY” fence installation. Those who are not  prepared for this type of job, or do not have the ability to install their fence correctly, should hire professional fence services for their new fence installation, or for fence repair jobs. A fence can be a wonderful addition to any residential property. However, for a long-lasting fence that does not become an eyesore, a money pit, or a legal nightmare, a professional installation the first time is recommended!

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