One of the biggest issues homeowners face over time is an aging wood fence that looks bad and may even be in need of replacement.

Unless it receives routine maintenance, your fence will suffer from exposure to the elements and eventually rot, split, or even fall down.

So what can you do if your fence is already in one of the stages of disrepair to get it looking better without having to replace the whole thing?

Call a wood fence company to come give your fence a facelift using these great economical fence-saving techniques!

Replace Components Not the Whole Fence

After taking an assessment of the overall condition of your fence, you may discover that even if most of it is in decent shape, there are a few posts or rails in question.

If it’s only a few components, the easiest way to remedy this without an entire fence replacement is to simply remove the damaged parts and individually replace them.

A few new posts and some new rails where needed and will make your fencing structure sturdy and strong once again.

Reinforce Rails and Pickets As Needed

When most of the structure is in good condition but there are a few weak or split rails, boards, or pickets, you can also reinforce those.

Screw on pieces of wood on the back or underside of your rail or picket to support the split or broken part so it looks new from the front and has the added strength of new wood behind it.

Although It may not last forever like that, it’s a quick fix until you get around to actually replacing the part.

Wash the Fence

Once you’ve replaced any broken or weak posts and reinforced any split or damaged rails or boards and your fencing is standing tall again, do the next step in good routine fence maintenance and wash it.

For a smaller fence, give it a quick scrub down to remove dirt, grime, and mildew with some water, fence cleaner, and a fiber brush

You can use a pressure washer set to 1,000 PSI or lower on larger fencing, taking care to avoid damaging it by not spraying too close to the wood.

Clean off any old paint flakes so you have a smooth, clean surface for preserving once the installation is dry.

Paint or Stain for Added Protection

After your fence is repaired, washed, and has had a few days to dry fully in the sun, you can get it looking beautiful again with a fresh application of stain.

Whether you use an opaque stain that yields solid color or a semi-transparent one that lets the subtle color of the wood grain show through, staining will protect the wood from the elements and slow additional drying from the sun or rot from moisture.

Give Older Fences A Facelift

Before you assume that a sagging, aged-looking fence will need to be completely replaced, think again!

Many times a skilled wood fence company can give it a facelift by replacing and repairing a few parts to restore stability, then restore its beauty with a good wash and new stain.

This type of wood fence maintenance is the perfect option when a full fence replacement is either not in the budget right now or not really necessary!

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