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Perimeter fencing around your home is both attractive and protective. Yet no enclosure installed by a fencing company around the perimeter of any property is complete without the right driveway gate. Since there are many types to choose from, be sure the selected fencing services company installs the right one so that it works well and lasts as long as the rest of your enclosure.

Three Driveway Gates Versions

There are three different kinds of driveway gates a fencing company can install to complete your perimeter fencing installation. Depending on driveway width and the length of gate needed, you can choose from one of three standard types:

  • Simple Swing - A swing driveway gate is the simplest of all these entrys and no different than most of the other swinging versions used by fencing services. Swing versions are mounted on hinges at the side of the opening to open and close like a door. They can be installed singly as one longer one extending over a smaller driveway or as two double ones that open to opposite sides, closing to meet in the middle of the driveway.
  • Rolling Slide - Rolling slide models are single gates with small wheels on the bottom that support them. They roll to one side of the driveway to allow passage through the perimeter fencing. Slide gates are most suitable for wider driveways where a longer swing entryway may sag from its own weight or be too long to be practical.
  • Cantilever Slide - Cantilever slide driveway versions are a variation of the standard rolling slide model. Instead of rolling along the ground, they are suspended on rollers that hang off a track, keeping the bottom of the gate off the ground. It slides open along the track, which is sturdier and more supportive for longer, heavier portals. The rolling track above the gate prevents it from getting stuck in any snow or ice on the driveway.

What Size Should You Choose?

The most important detail that must be decided when you hire a fencing company is how long a driveway gate should be. This will depend on how the width of your driveway. Most standard single driveways are 10 to 12 feet wide; however, some may be as much as 20 to 24 feet wide. The less wide the driveway, the more options are available. Smaller driveways can be equipped with single or double swing gates that are easy to use and will resist sagging when correctly mounted on sturdy supports.

The wider a driveway, the more likely a swing gate will sag over time or be too long to be practical. Fencing services typically recommend double versions in these circumstances to avoid problems. The other option is to use either a rolling or cantilever slide model, which is self-supporting. In either case, the actual gate length should always be slightly longer (6 to 12-inches) than the span of the driveway so it can be appropriately mounted to the track at the sides.

An attractive gate across a driveway is the final piece required to finish off a perimeter fencing installation. Depending on the type of enclosure and width of your driveway, a fencing services company can install several different kinds of gates. Whether you choose a stately looking set of double swing ones over a standard driveway or need a slide version for a wider space, a fencing company can help determine which option will look and work the best for your property!

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