Wood Fences in College Station Texas

Among all the different choices available for residential fencing, wood fences remain a favorite decade after decade. These fences are available for installation by wood fence services in a huge variety of types and styles, providing many options for those looking to improve their property.

Whether looking for something to increase privacy or to enhance curb appeal, consider the following options available from local wood fence companies.

Privacy Panels

Privacy panels are available from wood fence services in 6 and 8 foot heights, with a multitude of designs to enclose smaller areas and increase personal privacy. Simpler options include vertical and horizontal board styles, offset hit-and-miss or shadow board fencing, and woven boards. More decorative choices include everything from lattice topped and louvered panels to classic and traditional types. Some even include Asian and tropical inspired panels.

They are also available with decorative, arching tops and built-in planter boxes, adding character and style. When installed by an experienced wood fence company, privacy panels can increase seclusion and reduce incoming noise as well as help create a beautiful atmosphere with just about any theme.

Split Rail

Split rail is one of the oldest and most rustic types of wood fences and still a strong favorite of many homeowners. A professional split rail installation done by wood fence services can last decades as this is one of the most durable and hardy options.

It fits in with many different types of home architecture, is useful as a perimeter boundary, and can serve as a decorative feature. Split rail is often used to enclose backyards to keep children safe and with added coated box wire, can contain pets.

Post Fences

Post and board, as well as post and picket wood fences, are classics and popular with more traditional types of home architecture. While post and board is fairly simple, it can be set up with three or more rungs in a variety of board widths to create certain looks.

Picket Fences

Picket fences are more decorative and available in a number of heights and styles, from thicker and widely spaced pickets to thinner and more closely spaced ones. Some picket panels have curved tops, both concave and convex.

A wood fence company can install pickets with decorative pointed and shaped ends. When installed with the right posts and end caps, pickets make charming perimeters that create great visual appeal. They can also serve as another suitable boundary for keeping kids and pets safely enclosed.

Considering the many different types and styles of wood fences available, homeowners looking for a stylish option have numerous choices. Whether seeking a more traditional look or something that fits a more eclectic style, wood fence services can install the right style for any home, purpose, and budget.

Contact a wood fence company today to learn more about various enclosures and how the right natural wood fence can enhance the look of any home!

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