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If you are looking for a simple way to dress up your fencing, lattice could be perfect. Available in panels made from wood or PVC, fencing services can easily add lattice to your current fence. You can also purchase a new fence with the lattice already built into it. When used creatively, lattice installed by a local fencing company can spruce up your yard and give it more style in a variety of ways.

Fence Panels

Lattice is a wonderful fencing option when you want something both unique as well as beautiful. Wooden lattice framed in a variety of ways creates a good-looking fence that is not completely solid yet offers some privacy.

Fencing services can install plain, rectangular framed panels, panels designed with curved and arched tops, and many other impressive-looking designs to create a fence that really stands out on your street.

With openings of only 3 inches, lattice panels are also dog-proof when your fencing company installs it flush with the ground so there is no space underneath. Tall lattice panels can be used as a base on which to grow vines for a beautiful green, living fence. Lattice is especially suited for yards with an Asian theme.

Privacy Screens

When used as privacy panels or shade screens, lattice with smaller, 1-½ inch  openings are a great option for creating a private and cozy space in your yard. The crisscrossed slats block most of the view through the panel while allowing just enough sun to pass through so the area is not completely shaded.

These panels work well around patios, pools, hot tubs, and other places you might want to block the view of outsiders. A fencing company can even install them above a deck or patio as a sunshade.  

Decorative Fence Tops

If entire panels of lattice are more than you prefer, it can be used as an ornamental addition top on solid fencing and privacy panels. This gives you the security of a solid panel combined with the decorative lattice for the top 12 or so inches, which can be partially seen through. This is such a popular design, it is even produced as pre-assembled wood and PVC panels for quick installation by fencing services.

Trellises and Cupolas

Lattice is also a favorite for building beautiful trellises and pergolas. A lattice trellis in your garden or as an entryway to your yard is a classic romantic touch that will look beautiful stained, painted, or even as a support for vines. Cupolas can be wonderfully unique with lattice overhead too.

While it may not appeal to every taste, lattice can be a great component for creating style and character as a fencing alternative. It is available in different sizes to suit a variety of purposes and your fencing company can install it in countless ways. Whether sprucing up an existing fence or wanting something unexpectedly different, lattice installed by skilled fencing services might be just what your back yard needs!

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