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Invisible dog barriers are a popular choice for many homeowners seeking a reliable way to contain their dog without having a visible fence installed. This type of fence installation is very affordable and a great solution when a physical barrier is either unwanted or cannot be installed.

When properly installed by a company experienced with these systems, invisible dog containment offers pet owners the best of both worlds.

Why Choose Invisible Fencing?

The main reasons why homeowners choose invisible dog containment over traditional options are cost, simplicity, and the ability to install them where physical barriers cannot be placed. Invisible fences are a preferred choice for those who rent their homes and do not wish to invest in an expensive improvement on rented property.

They are also a good solution in circumstances where zoning does not allow a physical structure or the homeowner does not want the task of physical installation and maintenance. Above all, invisible dog fencing systems are more affordable than physical barriers. When correctly installed, they just as reliable as regular fences.

How Does It Work?

Invisible dog containment systems are underground electronic barrier systems that work very simply with a transmitter the dog wears. When the system and collar transmitter are operating and the collar transmitter comes in close contact with the barrier wire, the collar beeps to warn the dog that it is too close to the boundary. If the dog passes through the boundary zone despite the warning tone, the collar generates a mild static shock against the dog’s skin.

Using this method, dogs easily learn to identify the boundary paramets and become trained not to approach it too closely. Most dogs can be safely contained on property using an electronic, invisible fence.  

Two Types of Invisible Dog Containment

There are two types of invisible dog containment that can be installed by a fence company:

  • Wired Underground - This type of invisible system consists of a perimeter wire that is buried underground along the edge of the boundary area, an electronic transmitter, and a transmitter collar. The perimeter wire connects to a transmitter kept inside the home or in the garage, creates an electronic boundary where it is buried, then ends back at the transmitter. When the fence is activated, an electrical circuit is created. This electrical circuit transmits radio signals that activate the transmitter worn by the dog.
  • Wireless - The second type of invisible dog fence installation available today is a wireless system that works using GPS. This system requires no boundary wire installation, as it works according to coordinates set up within the transmitter. When the dog moves close to the boundary coordinates set into the transmitter, the collar activates.

When physical fence installation is not possible due to cost, location, or other factors, an invisible dog containment system can be a great option for owners. Whether choosing a wired or wireless system, invisible dog fences installed by an experienced company are a reliable way to let Fido get necessary exercise without having to install a standard barrier.

Offering many benefits over traditional fence installation, invisible dog containment systems can be a great choice for many homeowners and their dogs!

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