Eye-Opening Ways To Give Your Wood Fence A Facelift!

One of the biggest issues homeowners face over time is an aging wood fence that looks bad and may even be in need of replacement.

Unless it receives routine maintenance, your fence will suffer from exposure to the elements and eventually rot, split, or even fall down.

So what can [...]

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Wood Fence Stains and Varnish – Should I Use One or Both?

Wood fencing is a beautiful addition to any property when it’s properly cared for and maintained with a good wood preservative.

Using a strain or varnish are two popular preparations that can help preserve wood fences or a wood fencing service could apply it for you.

Commonly thought to be [...]

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Which Is The Better Chain Link Fence – Galvanized or Vinyl Coated?

Chain link fences are a useful choice where security and durability are prime concerns.

Though made from metal and tougher than wood, vinyl and many other types of chain link fence installations can suffer decay and corrosion over he years.

In order to preserve the fence and choose the right [...]

2019-09-05T09:42:45-05:00June 19th, 2019|

I Want A Wood Fence – What Options Should I Consider?

Wood fences are a classic part of residential property, offering beauty and security in countless ways.

If you’re thinking of having a wood fence installed and wondering which kind to choose, you certainly have many options.

Before calling a fence service that handles wood fences, there are some important factors [...]

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Swimming Pool Fencing – What Does Your Insurance Require?

A backyard swimming pool can be a pleasure for you and your family however, this fun activity could be a dangerous attraction for all the kids and families in your neighborhood.

Because a pool tends to create such an attraction, your insurance company likely has some pretty strict requirements on [...]

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Looking at Wood Privacy Fences – Is Pine or Cedar Better?

Privacy fences can turn a plain backyard into your secret getaway known only to you.

Of all the types of privacy fencing available, pressure treated pine and cedar are highly popular options available throughout the country.

If wondering which of the two is better for your privacy fencing installation, check [...]

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Restoring Wood Fences – Don’t Forget to Pressure Wash First!

Many homeowners choose to install cedar wood fences because of the rich, warm, attractive color of cedar.

Yet after a year or two, cedar fences can lose that richness of color and fade to an equally attractive silvery gray.

If you’re longing for the days when your cedar still had [...]

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What Emergency Fencing Repairs Can I Do Myself?

If you have a fence to keep animals and kids in or unwanted visitors out, you could end up with a big problem if it gets damaged.

Any type of fencing work is better left to the professionals; however,there are some emergency fencing repairs you can DIY if you find [...]

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Springtime Fence Maintenance Tips!

Spring is right around the corner, and the cold days of winter will soon be gone.

Before the plants come into bloom, and lawn and landscape maintenance become a priority, now is the best time to inspect fencing and start taking care of any fence repair issues that may be necessary.

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Fence Repair 101 – Fixing A Leaning Fence!

A leaning fence, whether a single post or an entire section, requires some kind of fence repair, before the integrity of the entire fence line is lost.

Leaning indicates the presence of some kind of problem with the fence posts.

Since the fence posts are what holds the fence up, [...]

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