Swimming Pool Fencing – What Does Your Insurance Require?

A backyard swimming pool can be a pleasure for you and your family however, this fun activity could be a dangerous attraction for all the kids and families in your neighborhood.

Because a pool tends to create such an attraction, your insurance company likely has some pretty strict requirements on [...]

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Looking at Wood Privacy Fences – Is Pine or Cedar Better?

Privacy fences can turn a plain backyard into your secret getaway known only to you.

Of all the types of privacy fencing available, pressure treated pine and cedar are highly popular options available throughout the country.

If wondering which of the two is better for your privacy fencing installation, check [...]

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Restoring Wood Fences – Don’t Forget to Pressure Wash First!

Many homeowners choose to install cedar wood fences because of the rich, warm, attractive color of cedar.

Yet after a year or two, cedar fences can lose that richness of color and fade to an equally attractive silvery gray.

If you’re longing for the days when your cedar still had [...]

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What Emergency Fencing Repairs Can I Do Myself?

If you have a fence to keep animals and kids in or unwanted visitors out, you could end up with a big problem if it gets damaged.

Any type of fencing work is better left to the professionals; however,there are some emergency fencing repairs you can DIY if you find [...]

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Can I Paint My Aluminum Fencing?

A question that many homeowners have is whether their aluminum fencing can be painted.

Since this type of fencing may require occasional fence painting, this is a normal concern you may have.

The answer depends on what type of coating is already on your aluminum fence and why you want [...]

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What Makes Wrought Iron Fences A Good Choice For My Home?

Wrought iron fencing is a great option if you’re looking for something distinctive yet versatile.

Offering many qualities than most wood and vinyl fences do not have, wrought iron fences are easy to care for and can last for nearly an eternity.

Instead of opting for very common fencing, consider [...]

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Is Your Fencing System Safe For Your Pet?

If you have pets, it’s essential that you have the right fencing system to keep them safely confined in your yard.

Not every type of barrier will do, so it’s important that you understand what qualities are important for safe pet containment when you start planning your enclosure with local [...]

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Vinyl Fence Extrusions – What Are My Choices?

Vinyl fences are attractive and durable, making them a popular fencing choice for many homeowners.

When shopping for these products, you may come across fences made using either mono-extrusion or co-extrusion techniques.

Although the end products are almost the same, it’s a good idea to know what these terms mean [...]

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Fencing System Terms To Know When Choosing A New Fence!

Fencing installation is like a big puzzle.

The fencing company arrives with a truckload of parts that they put together piece-by-piece to create beautiful fencing around your property.

Different types of fences require different pieces and you may have some options on accessories or extras as well.

Make sure you [...]

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What Are The Benefits of Adding Lighting To My Fences?

During the daytime, it’s easy to see the beautiful fences that surround your property and border your deck or patio.

Yet at night it’s a different story. Have you ever considered adding lighting to your structure to make it more visible?

When you’ve invested a good deal on fence services [...]

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