Barb wire fences have been around for nearly 150 years and were originally designed to contain cattle grazing over large land areas.

Barriers are still installed by barb wire fence services for use with cattle; however, they are also used in other applications.

As strong as it may be, barb wire can also be dangerous if used the wrong way.

Before you consider hiring a barb wire fence company to put up such an enclosure, you need to understand the situations where they are and are not best used.

What Is Barb Wire?

Barb wire is a material made from two or more strands of wire that are twisted together to make a stronger single strand.

Incorporated into the twisted lengths are short, pointed metal pieces wrapped around and into the twisted strands so the pointed ends stick out.

These barbs catch and snag things that come in contact with them, making barb wire fences good barriers to prevent passage through them.

They are inexpensive when compared to many other types of fences and can be installed fairly easily by any barb wire fence company.

The downside of these installations is the potential for injury to both humans and animals.

This type of wire is even banned in many residential areas and regulated for use in only industrial or certain agricultural situations.

Best Applications for Barb Wire Fences

The safe use of barb wire depends on appropriate and correct installation by barb wire fence services.

When installed correctly, they are commonly used as physical barriers and deterrents in the following installations:

  • Security and Containment Fences - When used on top of a chain link installation, barb wire offers greater security by reducing the possibility of the fence being successfully scaled. Run in strands or wide rolls at the top of tall chain link fencing means that anyone who attempts to get over the top of such a fence will be caught by the points. They keep people from entering a restricted area but can also prevent them from leaving a contained area. These fences are commonly used at military bases, prisons, around warehouses and industrial lots, and any property where keeping people out - or in - is the goal.
  • Cattle Fences - Because it is so inexpensive and can be easily installed by a barb wire fence company, this material is still commonly used to enclose large amounts of grazing land for cattle. These fences keep cattle in and also act as a deterrent to keep other animals out. Because cows are calmer by nature and tend not to push their boundaries too much, these fences can usually be safely used with these animals.

When to Avoid Using Barb Wire

As great as barb wire fences can be for security and containment uses, they can cause serious injuries to people and animals.

This dangerous material is not at all suitable for any type of residential barrier and is banned in many residential neighborhoods.

Reputable barb wire fence services know that it should never be used around children nor is it suitable for dogs, who may try to scale it anyway.

While it can be safe for use with cattle, this material can be deadly when used around horses, as they can become entangled easily and suffer serious injuries.

Like all other types of enclosures, barb wire fences installed by experienced barb wire fence companies are suitable for certain installations and unsuitable for others.

They are strong and make a secure barrier; however, they can also be dangerous and cause injuries.

Carefully Consider Your Fencing Needs

Based on these characteristics, if you are considering hiring barb wire fence services to install such a fence, be sure to carefully consider your needs and whether this material is your best option!

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