Metal fencing can be a beautiful enhancement to any home property, whether you have a large yard to enclose or just want to make the front of your house look nice.

They are available made from a number of different metals with different strong points and many styles to choose from that will suit your taste.

If you’re thinking of investing in a metal fencing installation, let this quick guide help you choose the right one for your home!

Metal Fencing Materials

Metal fences are available in a number of materials, not just the traditional wrought iron which is extremely pricey.

When choosing one, consider the pros and cons of these materials:

  • Wrought Iron - Strong, more secure than all of the options, and durable against impact, wrought iron rarely requires replacement as long as it’s well maintained. It is expensive in comparison to the other choices and requires considerable maintenance to prevent corrosion.
  • Solid Steel - Similar to wrought iron but made from affordable steel, these fences can be constructed to look just like wrought iron with curves, twists, and scrolls. Like wrought iron, steel fences also require significant maintenance.
  • Tubular Steel - Strong yet lighter in weight, galvanized tubular steel can be installed in convenient and longer 8-foot sections and is a more affordable option. A big drawback is that it can be scratched, leaving it susceptible to rust if the scratches go through the galvanized coating.
  • Tubular Aluminum - Very lightweight and naturally corrosion-resistant, tubular aluminum is affordable, easy to work with, and usually comes powder coated for a permanent finish. The main negative are the visible fasteners that hold the pickets and panels together.

Metal Fencing Picket Styles

In choosing your metal fencing, another decision you’ll need to make is the type of picket for your fencing installation.

The options are endless but generally grouped into these categories:

  • Plain Pickets - These are simple straight bars that run vertically along the fence line. You can choose from a number of picket widths as well as different width spaces between the pickets.
  • Decorative Spears and Pickets - Spears are metal pickets made with spear-like ends on the top. You can find varieties like pressed spears, ball-end spears, triad spears, staggered spears, fleur-de-lis pickets, pickets with decorative designs between the vertical bars, and many other designs.
  • Hoops and Spears - A combination of spear-end pickets set between two other pickets with an adjoining hoop at the top.

You can also find whole decorative welded steel panels in many fancy styles as well as a variety of post caps to accentuate your different picket, spear, or panel styles.

Metal Fencing Installation Options

You should also consider what type of metal fencing installation you need with regard to fence construction and setting.

Some types and styles only come pre-made in panels that must be set into concrete or anchored on cement.

Others can be purchased as kits, assembled onsite, and put up with ease.

Final Metal Fencing Thoughts

Whether you are installing a new fence or replacing an old one in poor condition, there are now a huge variety of metal fences ranging from a choice of materials and how they are installed to decorative post caps.

No matter what you choose, your property will look amazing with a beautiful metal fence!

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