The weather can wreak havoc on your fencing, aging it prematurely.

No installation will last forever and repeated exposure to moisture can negatively affect materials like wood and metal.

Without the right care, fencing repair becomes more necessary over the years.

If you want to preserve your fence so it lasts as long as it should without having to call fencing services dor repairs, practice these five easy tips to weatherproof it.

1. Keep It Clean

Clean your fencing a minimum of once per year to remove dirt, grime, road salt, as well as destructive mildew and mold.

Use a solution of bleach and detergent or a commercial preparation and wash with a pressure washer or a scrub brush and a hose.

All types of installations including wood, PVC, iron, and chain link benefit from an occasional cleaning to remove the elements that cause rot and rust, making them look unsightly.

Clean and well-maintained fences are also less likely to require fencing repair.

2. Keep The Surrounding Area Managed

The best way to minimize the amount of dirt and grime that settles on your fences and reduce the chance of mildew growth is to keep all foliage around the fence trimmed back.

Fencing services stress that of all the elements your fence is exposed to, water is the most damaging.

Grass, vines, trees, and bushes should be regularly mowed and pruned so they do not crowd the fence and prevent it from drying fully after it has gotten wet.

3. Examine for Weather Damage

Once your fencing has been cleaned and you have cleared the area around it, go over it carefully looking for any signs of rot, warping, rust, or other damage caused by moisture.

Mark any areas that need fencing repair as you go.

4. Make Necessary Repairs

Now it is time to make repairs.

  • Replace any broken, split, or rotting boards.
  • Secure areas where the nails have worked their way out because of swelling from water absorption to get the fence back into serviceable condition.
  • Scrub rust areas off of iron installations with a wire brush. In serious situations, hire fencing services to replace the damaged sections.

5. Apply A Coat of Waterproofing

When the fence is clean, cleared, dry, and repaired, it is time to help it out by applying weatherproofing.

Wood installations benefit from a coat of wood sealant, waterproofing agent, or oil-based stain to reduce water absorption to help stop the rot and splitting that occurs when waterlogged wood swells as well as other moisture-related problems.

Protect iron fencing with a new coat of paint designed specifically to seal out moisture.

The key to make any fencing installation weatherproof is to seal out moisture that can cause extreme damage over time.

Good maintenance, regular cleaning, and keeping up with any necessary fencing repair is the first step.

A waterproofing agent, sealant, or coat of paint applied to a clean and repaired fence is the second step.

You Can Extend The Service Life Of Your Fence

By following the five dependable instructions above recommended by experienced fencing services, you can expect a long service life from your beautiful fence!

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