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Is Your Fencing System Safe For Your Pet?

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If you have pets, it’s essential that you have the right fencing system to keep them safely confined in your yard.

Not every type of barrier will do, so it’s important that you understand what qualities are important for safe pet containment when you start planning your enclosure with local [...]

Vinyl Fence Extrusions – What Are My Choices?

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Vinyl fences are attractive and durable, making them a popular fencing choice for many homeowners.

When shopping for these products, you may come across fences made using either mono-extrusion or co-extrusion techniques.

Although the end products are almost the same, it’s a good idea to know what these terms mean [...]

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You guys are awesome! I can’t recommend College Station Fencing enough. They came out and built an entirely new fence around my property in two days. Most important, they left no mess at all! I’ll recommend them to anyone that will listen!
Awesome, You People are Extraordinary and I don’t know any word which is bigger than extraordinary or have written here million times! Superb Fences Superb People and Superb Support! Thanks for Awesome Help!

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